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31 days of Baby StepsI called a friend Saturday morning to ask her to keep me accountable.  I gushed about wanting to get up early and read my Bible and do something to clean my house every day for the next 31 days.

“You might not want to try to do it all in one month,” she cautioned.

And I laughed.  “I’m afraid I’m an all or nothing kind of person.”

But I knew she was right.  So I promised that it would be about baby steps instead of about having a perfectly clean house and thoroughly organized routine come November 1.

31 days of “baby steps”, in the style of The FlyLady.  Baby steps that will include lots of reading, lots of planning, lots of praying.  Lots of conversations with my husband about how we want it all to work, what we want our home to look like, what’s priority for me.  And lots of writing it all out—I think I “own” something more when I put it into words on paper or screen.

Meanwhile, I’d like to report that in addition to shining my sink yesterday, I scrubbed down my kitchen table (it’s a 50’s diner-style yellow Formica table), and got all the gunk (read: food) out of all the little ledges around the edge and between the leaves.  I also wiped up the really bad spots on the kitchen floor and swept.  (And no, of course, my daughters did not ask, “What are you doing?”  Like they’d never seen me sweep before or something.  I declare.)

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    I have heard many times before about mom’s who get up before their children, and even attempted it a few times, myself. However, I forgot to mention the real hook that got me at Kat’s blog was when she mentioned devo’s, excercise and organization/planning being 3 important things that mom’s struggle to accomplish because they get pushed aside by the urgent. Therefore, by waking up early, before the “urgent-needs” wake up themselves, you make time for the important :) She says it much more eloquently (again, tiirrred!) at her blog.
    Bah – sorry for spamming your comment box 😉

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    Dear Gretchen — I believe you and I are of the same mind, lately! The entire 5 years that Cory and I have been married I have struggled and struggled to keep clean and organized. Let alone fit in an excersice routine or even purposeful, regular time with the Lord. I have, like you, gone all out in an attempt to change my ways. Only to just as quickly find myself in the same slump. However, this past month I have also been taking baby steps (finally getting to odd jobs ie. organizing linen closet, purging kitchen cabinets and properly stacking ovenware, kitchen mustmustmust be clean before bed, etc) but until this week I hadn’t planned (in writing) how/what/when’s of my attempts at taking back my home/life and using each day wisely. When I found myself at Inspired to Action blog (, particularly, Kat’s Hello Morning challenge I knew I had stumbled on a gift. I will use early morning time for 1. Time with God 2. Excercise 3. Plan my day (meal, cleaning, etc). I am very excited and praying that the Lord would help me to create the homelife atmosphere that I had always dreamed of, that I can bless my husband (who also loves order), be a better example for my boys, to get past the CHAOS syndrome (gotta love flylady!), that my disorganization won’t distract others from seeing the love of Christ in our home. I pray the same for you Gretchen! Thanks for your honest and motivating posts!
    Warmly — Vanessa
    PS – I hope what I just wrote made sense. Too late to reread, and I have an early appointment with myself and the Lord tomorrow morning! :)

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      Oh Vanessa, thank you for your comments!!!! So encouraging. And just what I needed to hear when I was starting to feel kinda vulnerable for being so honest. 😉 Kat’s e-book was my reading Saturday. :)

      I’d write more but same here…dishes to wash and the alarm is already set! 😉