Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Podcasts

What is a podcast? And why would a mom want to listen to one? Find out why this wife, mom, blogger and small business owner loves podcasts.

I'm not an auditory learner (I'm a writer; I'm a visual learner). And I don't like having extra noise turned on in the background (there is usually more than enough noise in a house full of little people). I never thought I'd be someone who listens to podcasts (I don't even listen the radio very often). Sometimes, however, a mom's need for quiet is overcome by a mom's need for grown-up conversation. And that's when the flexibility (complete with a pause and rewind button) of podcasts can become a mom's best friend. But wait, what is a podcast, you ask? "Podcast" is both a noun and a ... Read More


"So how are things going with you all lately?" I heard one mom ask another. And the other laughed, "Are you sure that's a question you really want answered?" We need the friends who ask how we are and wait for the messy, convoluted truth. We need the friends who ask the questions that get more than one-syllable answers. But we also need the friends who will tell us something other than the cold, unvarnished truth. "I'm a horrible artist," the four-year-old bemoans. "I'll never be able to draw anything!" And her big sister reassures her, "You're a good artist, Mary. I'll help you ... Read More

red hair

"Where did you get that red hair?" My brother and I heard the question over and over growing up, since we sported identical shades of dark red hair--mine curly, his anything but. "From both sides of the family," we'd explain. We had three great grandpas with red hair, only one of whom we ever knew. Great Grandpa Roberts didn't have any hair left by the time we were sitting at his feet, listening to stories while he cracked walnuts and smoked a pipe. But in his younger days, he'd been known as "Red Roberts". "When red headed people are above a certain social grade their hair is ... Read More

a sense of belonging

“Was it hard, moving away from your family?” they ask. “Weren’t you homesick?” I always smile as I shake my head. I’d been homesick for him for so long that I couldn’t be homesick when we were finally making a home together. Yes, there were the adjustments of a new town, a new job, finding a new church. And it wasn’t always easy—especially when my new husband landed in the hospital two months after we got married. But I was facing each challenge and change at the side of the man I loved; I knew I was where I belonged. “There where my heart has settled long ago… there with my love, ... Read More

of customers and memories

Every spring we have fleeting thoughts of worry until we see them come in again. Selling organic vegetables brings us more than the usual run of clientele suffering from illnesses they are hoping to cure by eating well. And sometimes, we wonder whether we will see them again next year or not. But he had been in this spring. As chipper as ever, though in just as poor health. Of course, he wasn't one who came because our vegetables were grown organically. He just came because he liked corn and tomatoes. And because he was looking for antique copies of Thornton W. Burgess books (he was always ... Read More

of earwigs

earwig vs. spot

Each year, it's a different creature. But this year, it's earwigs. As never before. Perhaps it's the mild winter that let them survive to bug us in such great quantity. I haven't studied their life cycles enough to know. All I know is that I wish it was a shorter one. Granted, the year of the earthworms was worse. They would crawl up through the cracks at the edge of our cement floor, only to die an untimely death on the floor that was far fromtheir natural environment of moist earth. And the ants weren't very fun, since they thrived on all the bits of food little children will leave ... Read More