Making Your Browser Bookmarks Work for You

There’s nothing like chatting with a friend who’s in the midst of organizing something to make you want to re-organize it, too.  This time, it was my browser bookmarks.  Trina was talking about getting her bookmarks back to where they actually were visible and helpful, and I realized just how out of hand mine were getting. Moving to Chrome was the final impetus: now I could organize my bookmarks to correspond to each profile, and I did so, with a great sense of satisfaction at its completion! My favorite part of my favorites is the bookmarks bar across the top of my browser. ... Read More

My Favorite Browser Add-ons and Extensions


The great thing about browsers like Chrome and Firefox is that they’re simple and lightweight out of the box, but they have endless add-ons and extensions to customize them exactly how you want.  You can use the options and tools you need, but your browser isn’t cluttered with buttons and features you don’t want.  Here’s a run-down of my favorite add-ons and extensions (updated periodically).  But they are only the beginning -- when you start searching, the options are nearly limitless!  What are your favorite extensions? Chrome Extensions Chrome extensions are per-profile, so I can have web ... Read More

Using Chrome for easy parallel logins

I lead many parallel lives online.  Business, Ministry, Personal.  Each with their own Google accounts, not to mention MailChimp, Twitter, and other assorted logins. For too long, I spent half my time logging in and out.  Then, I thought I was really brilliant: I started using different browsers for different logins.  But I could never remember whether Opera or Safari was for business or for ministry.  Firefox was always personal (even if it did get slower and slooower), and my husband used Chrome for his Facebook account.  But I always ended up back in Chrome for work, too, because, of ... Read More