3 No Brainer Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest

3 No Brainer Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest from @GretLouise

There are two ways to get your blog posts pinned on Pinterest. One is complicated and requires lots of time (and some talent) dedicated to creating graphics for every single post. The other involves a few simple rules that every blogger should be following, yet it can gain you big results on Pinterest without ever having to put any effort into graphics or Pinterest itself. 1. Make sure there is a pinnable image somewhere in your blog's header, sidebar, or footer. It can be your headshot, your blog button, whatever -- though I prefer to pin a button that is representative of the blog. Just ... Read More

curating contentment on Pinterest

curating contentment on Pinterest

I like to call Pinterest my “cheap therapy.”  Of course, that would necessitate that I’m usually visiting Pinterest when I’m tired, discouraged, lonely, hungry, or all of the above.  Rarely do I hop on Pinterest just because I’m feeling so happy and content with my life.  And when I’m not, I somehow think that I will feel better by looking pictures of pretty things I don’t have and ideas for crafty things I will never create. I’ve always had the highest respect for my friend Everly’s commitment to not having a wedding board on Pinterest, since she’s not yet planning a ... Read More

How to Display Your Latest Pinterest Pins in a WordPress.com Widget


My friend Darlene emailed me last night and asked how to get the Pinterest widget I had on my blog.  It would have been a simple answer—except that she has free WordPress.com and I don’t. Self-hosted WordPress has a plethora of plugins to allow you to display recent pins from a specific Pinterest user or board (I use the Pinterest RSS Widget Plugin).  However, WordPress.com has yet to provide any options for Pinterest other than the Pin It button. But there’s an easy work-around.  Just add the Flickr widget, but specify your Pinterest RSS URL instead!  ... Read More



When I first signed up for Pinterest, I had a brand new baby and spent hours nursing and pinning and repinning.  After the copyright issues came to the forefront, I scrapped some of my boards and became a bit more careful in my repins, tracing images to the source before I repinned them.  And as “downtime” online diminished, I often forgot to even visit Pinterest. Now I think I’ve finally developed my personal sweet spot in my use of Pinterest: I pin frequently, but I don’t go there unless I’m too tired to do anything else or when I’m desperately seeking some creative ideas—whether it be ... Read More

(P)interest(ing) Pictures

I’ve finally figured out how to describe Pinterest.  It’s like all the pretty pictures we used to cut out of magazines when we were little.  Except, instead of pasting them on construction paper or putting them in magnetic photo albums, we pin them to our online Pinterest boards.  And, of course, instead of finding the pictures in catalogs and magazines, we find them in blogs and webzines.  And thanks to the world wide web, we can show our friends all the fun things we’ve collected pictures of without ever leaving our computers. When I was little, I liked cats.  So ... Read More