does everyone need to know what’s on your mind?


When you login to Facebook, it asks, “What’s on your mind?” But does everyone need to know what’s on your mind? When you visit Twitter, it asks, “What’s happening?” But Twitter isn’t just about what’s happening to you. “We were never created to live ‘publicly,’” says Sarah Markley.  No one really needs a play-by-play Twitter account of our day.  No one but the grandparents want to see every moment of our lives captured on Instagrammed, and the grandparents likely aren’t on Instagram.  No one on Facebook needs to know every thought that passes through your mind. In this age of ... Read More

RT Styles

If you’re new to Twitter, Retweet styles can be a bit confusing.  When you’re on and click “Retweet”, it doesn’t look like it does much—it just shows a few green arrows to indicate that you’ve Retweeted a Tweet.  But your friends are Retweeting and adding their own comments.  How do they do that? There are three main Retweet methods and styles: 1. Inline Retweet from within Your followers will see the original Tweet with the picture of the original author, along with the text “Retweeted by @soandso”. 2.  Copy and Paste Just copy the author’s ... Read More

Choose Your Twitter Topics

There are a lot of fabulous Tweets to Retweet and great links to share.  How do you choose which ones to pass on to your followers and which ones to just enjoy yourself? Go back to your niche and think about your tribe.  What topics would be most beneficial to your tribe for you to share? The Tiny Twig has a great philosophy: she limits herself to tweeting about 4 topics.  She says: On Twitter, I limited myself to tweeting about 4 topics.  I knew I wanted to be a “resourcer” on Twitter, someone who provides high quality content for their followers.  If I retweet ... Read More

Twitter Party 101

Twitter Party 101 via @GretLouise

“Twitter parties are fast-paced conversations between many (sometimes hundreds) of people at once. They are often informative and usually a ton of fun!” -“How to Successfully Navigate a Twitter Party” from So I Married a Mennonite A Twitter party is when any number of Twitter users get together at a specific time to Tweet using a specific hashtag.  Usually, there is a designated host or two, who Tweet the main questions or points of discussion.  Sometimes, there are prizes included. Joining a Twitter Party? Check to make sure you know which time zone it’s in—you don’t ... Read More

Don’t Spam the Hashtags

“Overuse of hashtags is spam at it worst.” -Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@claire) in Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time In case you didn’t know, putting # in front of a word turns it into a hashtag—a searchable, linkable, followable stream of Tweets. It doesn’t have to be an official hashtag to become one the moment you put a # in front of a word or phrase—no spaces between, of course! If you want to serve others on Twitter, you’ll use hashtags carefully. Hashtags can be fun. Especially when you make them up. #latenight #notenoughcoffee #procrastinatorsunitelater And it’s totally ... Read More

Common Twitter Mistakes (and ways to avoid them)

Let’s review a bit of Twitter 101 this week, shall we?  Today I’d like to talk about three common Twitter mistakes.  What are some others you have noticed?  Share in the comments! 1. Putting a space between the @ and the username. I see a lot of automatic Tweets like “Hey @ soandso, thanks for following me!”  But you know what?  @soandso may never see the Tweet because that space between the username and the @ sign effectively eliminates the tagging the person was trying to do.  Never put a space between the @ sign and the username you’re mentioning. 2. ... Read More

Use Lists to Keep Up With Your Niche

Lists save my sanity when it comes to my desk and my to-do’s, but they also keep me from being overwhelmed when I’m on social media.  Today’s post is short and to the point (kind of like a list!), because I want to leave you time to create your own social media lists. Be intentional about who you follow. The world wide web is never-ending. You can’t follow everyone—not even everyone in your niche or everyone who follows you!  If you can’t remember who they are or why they’re in your feed, un-follow them. Lists are a must-have in social media. No matter how much time you spend online, you ... Read More

Social Media & Your Direct Sales Business

Social Media & Your Direct Sales Business

Did you know that it’s against Facebook policy to promote your business via your personal Facebook wall? That means you could get reported for constantly posting about your business sales/events on your personal profile. The solution is to create a Facebook page for your business that your customers can “like” if they want to, and a private group for interacting with your downline/consultants. That doesn’t mean you can’t be Facebook friends with your customers. But lists are highly recommended for keeping your personal statuses/photos personal, and for being able to actually keep up with ... Read More

Why Twitter?


It’s been Tweeted and Retweeted so often that no one knows where it originally came from: “Facebook is for for friends who are now strangers, Twitter is for strangers who should be friends.”  And in a way, it’s true.  After all, half of the people I'm "friends" with on Facebook are people who are no longer much of a part of my life -- but we're Facebook friends so we can sort of keep in touch.  I have only a handful of family members on Twitter, but my Twitter lists are filled with professional contacts and references. Facebook is personal and you begin your influence by first gaining ... Read More

Twitter 101: A Few Do’s & Don’ts


When you go to compose a new Tweet, Twitter asks you, “What’s happening?”  But the truth is, not everyone really wants to know what’s happening in your life every single second of every day.  Twitter is about what’s happening—but not just what’s happening to you. <---click to Tweet this And when it comes to answering that question in 140 characters or less, there are a few easy do’s and don’ts to keep in mind—especially if you want more people to actually be interested in what you have to say about what’s happening. 1. Be Helpful Twitter is a real-time information network.  It’s ... Read More