what my clients are saying…

Denise J. Hughes“When it comes to blogging, my biggest challenge has always been the technology curve, which is why I love working with Gretchen. She’s constantly amazing me with her technical expertise. Not only does Gretchen solve some my biggest techie-type-problems, but she also teaches me along the way. Gretchen is a master at communicating ‘all things technology’ in a way I can understand. I highly recommend her services. She’s the utmost professional in every way.”

-Denise J. Hughes

Monica Swanson“I was truly blown away by Gretchen’s knowledge, communication skills, and efficiency.  She was patient, kind, and full of grace. I would hire her again in a second to do any work related to my blog. I also continue to refer to her site to find helpful tips and information. I give Gretchen the highest rating possible for the work that she does!”

-Monica Swanson

Amanda Medlin“When I first switched to WordPress, I played around with DIY code and design on my blog, but quickly realized that wasn’t the best use of my time and talents. I love working with Gretchen because she’s real, she’s accessible, and she doesn’t talk down to me even though I don’t always know what I am asking for when it comes to coding, blog design and much needed updates and maintenance. She does exactly what I ask for and doesn’t try to push me in directions that I don’t want to go, so I still feel like I have the control I had when I was attempting to DIY, without the wasted hours of searching the internet for coding tutorials. Now I simply email Gretchen and she takes care of it. And she works in such a timely manner that she makes me feel like her #1 priority. I don’t know how she does it but I’m so glad that she does!”

-Amanda Medlin

Lisa Jacobson“Gretchen has been an answer to prayer! She is so knowledgeable, helpful, and quick to respond to even the quirkiest of my requests. I truly enjoy working with her and I’ve become convinced that there’s nothing she can’t handle.”

-Lisa Jacobson, Club 31 Women

Sarah Mackenzie“It’s a bit daunting to hand over the reigns of your site to someone you don’t know. Gretchen quickly showed me that letting her handle some of the tougher coding on my blog was the best decision I could possibly make. I feel like the sky’s the limit with her help. I used to be held back by technical challenges that I knew I couldn’t handle on my own. Now all I have to do is ask. Whatever it is, Gretchen can probably handle it! She is prompt and professional. I never have to wait long when I need help. My blog is in better shape because she’s in there regularly.”

-Sarah Mackenzie, Amongst Lovely Things

Nancy Bentz“When I engaged Gretchen’s services, I was embarking on a multi-level project that involved creating not one but two websites. The project called for migrating material from an existing HTML website and separate WordPress.com blog, while substantially expanding pages and content on our ministry website, as well as creating a new coaching website from ground zero. Another element included the enabling of a MailChimp newsletter and blog system usable for both sites. The result? Two beautiful, easy to navigate websites.

“Whether you are a novice (like I was), or love to create but suck at website coding (like me), Gretchen is gifted at producing a finished product that functions well and showcases beautifully whatever work or calling you personally have to express. Simply put, I cannot recommend her any more highly than I do!”

-Nancy BentzShammah Ministries

Kalyn Brooke“I like to think I’m fairly computer savvy, but there are some aspects of WordPress that really freak me out! Gretchen took my vision and was able to make anything I wanted happen. All I had to do was ask!”

-Kalyn Brooke, Creative Savings

Trina Holden“Gretchen is perpetually cheerful in the face of technical challenges that leave me paralyzed with fear. She’s fast, often providing solutions before I’ve fully realized the problem. I’m super inspired by her professionalism with her business and her heart to serve her clients well. She has taught me what it means to go the extra mile in a relationship. With her vast knowledge of plug ins and customizing options, she’s the person to talk to when you want your blog to run well.”

-Trina Holden

Emily C. Gardner“If you or your blog is in need of techno savvy and unparalleled patience, Gretchen Louise is your gal!”

-Emily C. Gardner

Catherine Read“Thanks SO MUCH for all of your help with this project! I can’t say enough wonderful things about how great it’s been to work with you. You are so patient and knowledgeable. I will definitely refer you to everyone I know who needs help with WordPress and every other social media platform.”

-Catherine S. Read, Read. Think. Act.

Zohary Ross“Gretchen Louise is a code rockstar! My blog went from having no content to looking just right in a matter of minutes because of her expertise. She rocks!”

-Zohary Ross