“I like to think I’m fairly computer savvy, but there are some aspects of WordPress that really freak me out! Gretchen took my vision and was able to make anything I wanted happen. All I had to do was ask!”
-Kalyn Brooke, Creative Savings

“When a technical failure sent my blogging world spinning into craziness Gretchen Louise was there to hold my hand and get my blog back under control. My biggest blogging fear – moving from Blogger to WordPress – was a smooth and easy process with Gretchen at the helm. Now I blog peacefully knowing I’ve got professional help when I need it and also a new friend!”
-Mandy J. Hoffman

“If you or your blog is in need of techno savvy and unparalleled patience, Gretchen Louise is your gal!”
-Emily C. Gardner

“Gretchen Louise is a code rockstar! My blog went from having no content to looking just right in a matter of minutes because of her expertise. She rocks!”
-Zohary Ross