7 ways to increase interaction on your Facebook page

The way Facebook’s page rank works, the more people interact with your page (by likes, comments, and shares), the more your posts will be shown to those people and to others.  Conversely, the less people interact with your page, the less your posts will be shown to them and to others.

So how can you increase interaction on your Facebook page?

“Calls-to-action work tremendously well on Facebook.”
“7Easy Ways to Increase Your Pages Edgerank” on The PostRocket Blog

1. Ask Questions.

Brief questions that only require one-line answers generate fabulous participation.  I’m always surprised at the results when I try this!

2. Start posts with “Click like if…”

Don’t over-use this one, but it’s great to start posts this way once in a while.  It’s an easy call to action!

3. Post pictures.

Pictures have been proven time and again to get more attention on Facebook than text posts do (with links ranking third).

Write a blog post that included the picture?  Post the picture and caption it with the link to the post!

If you like PicMonkey or Picasa, place a quote (from your own blog post or from someone else) on an image and share that on your Facebook page.  (Just make sure you own the image!)

4. Be brief.

Keep your Facebook posts short.  When they’re browsing Facebook, most users don’t have the attention span for even a paragraph.  Keep your posts to one or two lines if you want them to be read and shared.

5. Post frequently.

The more you post, the more your posts will be seen and interacted with.  “Feed” your Facebook page regularly!

6. Tag other pages and share their posts/pictures.

A friend have a great post today?  Mention her page when you share the link.  Tagging other pages in your posts is a great way to promote other people’s pages, and your post might end up getting shared on theirs.

If you see a great post or picture on another page that fits with your audience, share it.  When your followers share it again, it will increase your interaction as well as that of the page you shared from.

7. Post from Facebook.com.

Facebook gives more precedence to posts that have been made from within Facebook.com, rather than from posts made or scheduled through a third-party app like Buffer, HootSuite, etc.  As much as I love Buffer, I try to schedule most of my Facebook posts from within Facebook.com for maximum exposure.

“You shouldn’t be using Facebook posts for sales or self-promotion– you should be using them to cultivate a community.”
-“7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Page’s EdgeRank” on The PostRocket Blog

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Connoisseurs of Conversation

  1. says

    Great tips! Some of them I already utilize but others are new to me. Will work on implememting some new strategy!
    (And I totally agree with posting directly to Facebook rather than a third party app. Results are drastically different–I love Buffer, too! But, only for Twitter.:))

  2. says

    These are great ideas! Thank you!! I’m starting to learn to use Facebook for what it’s intended for. It is better than using it simply to promote my blog posts… building community is more important anyway! and bonus: promotion will take care of itself as a result…