Links I Like

in my tribe
(the girls I blog alongside…at Kindred Grace and in the Ladder Bloggers mastermind group)

  • Amanda
    sweet client and respected friend — so thankful to have been able to meet her in person at Allume this year!
  • Chantel
    sweetest scribbler you could ever meet (and though we just met a few years ago, she’s known my husband’s family for ages)
  • Christin
    cheerleader, encourager, and all around amazing assistant for Allume — so thankful for this lady!
  • Danielle
    amazing wordsmith and passionate young woman
  • Diane Shiffer
    my roomie at Relevant (now Allume) and one of the dearest ladies, not to mention most fun bloggers, you’d ever want to meet (and, she loves aprons!)
  • Elisabeth
    an amazing weaver of words who has spent much time walking the roads Jesus walked
  • Elisabeth Allen
    love her books…and her heart for the Lord and for other girls
  • Everly
    she’s young, but she’s got a gift for writing — thrilled to have her on our team at YLCF
  • Ginger
    she has my dream job — she’s a columnist!  and she’s hilarious, to boot.
  • Jeannie
    I started reading her family’s books how many years ago? Longtime fellow writer.
  • Jennifer
    a sweet young mom I’m privileged to know and learn from
  • Jennifer
    she went to college with my bro and his wife, and she took the (amazing) pictures for YLCF’s logo where she now blogs with us!
  • Jessica Telian
    we met through mutual friends, and now we are friends — she blogs with simple seriousness and always blesses me with her wisdom
  • Jessica
    she has triplets — what more need I say?
  • Kalyn
    she blogs about savings, but we also share a fellow love of books!
  • Kateri
    a country girl with a story of patriarchy and healing
  • Katie
    passionate and full of fun, glad to be getting to know this girl!
  • Kris
    sweet blogger I can’t wait to get to know better!
  • Kristina
    she plays with words so very well — her posts are a work of art
  • Mandy
    a pastor’s wife with a heart for sharing a “daily cup of grace”
  • Natasha
    she writes beautiful parables, poetry, and prose of brokenness and redemption and living for Him
  • Rachel
    purposeful young wife…great points to ponder!
  • Rachelle
    passionate lover of books!
  • September
    this amazing mother of ten has so much wisdom to share (including her new eBook Hula Hoop Girl) – honored to know her!
  • Shannon
    this lady has quite the story that everyone’s been talking about and I can’t wait to actually sit down and read!
  • Traci
    fellow Tommy Mommy and Allume goer, I’m looking forward to getting to know Traci better!
  • Trina Holden
    a God-send of a friend, always encouraging and inspiring  — not to mention my cohort in every brainstorming session!

in my family tree

  • Grace
    my cousin’s sister-in-law and a joyful mother of children
  • Jennifer
    my beloved cousin JenJen, a missionary to Africa, and my friend
  • Jessica
    my little sister! (not to mention a gorgeous girl who can play a harp like an angel!)
  • Jordyn
    my cousin’s wife—a woman of faith, and a welcome addition to our family!
  • Lindy
    full of faith and in love with Jesus, she’s a grown woman but I will always think of her as my little cousin Lindy Lou!
  • Lisa
    my brother’s sister-in-law—but more importantly a fellow mom and pilgrim (and we love her twins!)!

on my friends list

  • Abigail
    long-time pen pal and fellow editor, her graphic design graces YLCF’s website!
  • April
    a long-time pen pal with a creative flair and a love for all things Japanese
  • Ashleigh
    love this girl—her heart for God and her family always points me to Jesus (and, her son is sorta kinda named after my husband!)
  • Darlene
    fun country gal — the person who convinced me to try kefir (and a fellow apron addict)
  • Jessica Boling
    I’ve known Jessica for ages through mutual friends—she blogs with sweet contemplation
  • Kelly
    we’ve been friends since we were girlsKelly is a thrifty mommy who keeps track of her coupon savings on her blog
  • Kristy
    a pen pal and friend from girlhood years, who blogs on all things natural and homey
  • Lanier
    a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration (not to mention the most amazing writer)

in my bookmarks

  • Ann Voskamp
    a blog of beauty—in words and pictures
  • Hayley
    a firefighter’s wife who blogs with honesty & beauty about the healing after losing a child
  • Jennifer
    what can I say — I love to read the blogs of farm women!
  • Kristen
    lots of good words on friendship
  • Kristen
    exquisite words on motherhood…and raising twins!
  • Lisa-Jo
    a world traveler who shares honestly the lessons she learns as a mamma
  • Passionate Homemaking
    lots of great archives on balancing green and godly…plus always timely inspiration on motherhood and life
  • Sarah Markley
    an expert in the writing craft — I always appreciate her words, especially when they are on writing

on my bookshelf

  • Alan W. Harris
    homeschooling dad, and author of Hobbit-style adventure tales with truth for the whole family
  • Alistair Begg
    I wish I caught his sermons every day on the radio.  He’s amazing.  Gotta love the accent.
  • Crystal (Money Saving Mom)
    I’ve known Crystal for almost forever — she has a neat heart for helping moms with a lot more than just saving money
  • Elisabeth Elliot
    If you don’t know this lady’s story, you must read it.
  • Paperback Swap
    responsible for many of the books on our shelves!
  • Randy Alcorn
    Amazing writer.  Godly man.
  • Tsh (Simple Mom)
    down-to-earth lady who has a gift for writing and for managing — I want to be like her when I grow up!
  • Vicki Lucas
    new writing friend!
  • Virginia Work
    a writer friend who has a knack for novels of both the mystery and medieval twists

on my playlist

  • Andrew Peterson
    his story-style songs remind me much of my beloved Country music
  • FamilyLife Today
    a fabulous ministry to families—my parents highly recommend their marriage conferences, and I catch their radio broadcast frequently
  • Gateway to Joy
    You are loved with an everlasting love…”  I spent years listening to that dear voice begin each radio program with those words.
  • Huckabee Report
    No, he’s not Paul Harvey—but he’s even more conservative.  Try to catch his news program at least once a day.
  • Janet Parshall
    So articulate, so positive—I want to be just like her when I grow up!
  • Joshua Harris
    He’s influenced my generation more than he will probably ever know.  I always respect and appreciate his writings.
  • Michael Card
    My hubby introduced me to his music — and I love it.
  • Nancy Leigh DeMoss
    She’s not Elisabeth Elliot, but she still does have a lot of good things to say!
  • Patch the Pirate
    My family can’t get enough of Patch the Pirate and his music.
  • Ranger Bill
    You haven’t really grown up properly unless you’ve grown up listening to Ranger Bill (and Patch the Pirate).
  • Sons of Korah
    I am going to own one — or a lot — of their CD’s.  Soon.
  • SwapaCD
    trading out CD’s we don’t listen to any more for ones we will!

in the kitchen

everywhere & everything else

  • A Deeper Story
    a blog with sometimes more questions than answers, it always helps me think about issues from someone else’s perspective — I don’t read it often, but I never miss my friend Ashleigh’s posts there
  • Allume
    My favorite bloggy conference (formerly called Relevant) — it’s truly like a reunion of friends!
  • Ebates
    I just started using this site for my online purchases–to earn up to 25% cash back!
  • Faithbooking with Creative Memories
    I was practically born and raised a CM girl—now if I only took time to do my photos!
  • Hope in Haiti
    The story of Hope in Haiti is a special one to us—it was founded by my husband’s aunt after the death of his uncle.
  • Mark 5 Ministries
    Helping missionaries with technology, this ministry my uncle helped found has a unique calling.
  • Rabbit Room
  • I never miss my friend Lanier’s posts here
  • Samaritan Ministries
    sharing health care costs—while fighting for health care the way it should be
  • SwagBucks
    earn rewards like Amazon gift cards just for doing your normal everyday web searches!
  • Windrift Hill
    I could go through gallons of this lotion and body butter every year.
  • Kindred Grace
    the way I’ve met so many of the dear friends who have changed my life

P.S. Even though these are sites I like and often read, I can’t guarantee or endorse everything on them. If you would like me to link to your site, or would rather I not link to your site, please let me know. If I’ve missed linking to you, please forgive me — it wasn’t an intentional slight!  And of course, please feel free to link to my site!