Favorite Links

Other than the latest posts from girls I blog alongside in the Kindred Grace Team and my mastermind group, the blog posts I usually read are the ones I see liked, shared, or pinned on social media. And if you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see me pinning those posts there.

But there are a few blogs that get special delivery to my email inbox. And a few more I love to visit when my soul needs the balm of beautiful, life-giving words. These are those blogs.

Elisabeth Adams
an amazing weaver of words who has spent much time walking the roads Jesus walked

Ashleigh Baker
love this girl—her heart for God and her family always points me to Jesus (and, her son is sorta kinda named after my husband!)

Lisa-Jo Baker
a world traveler who shares honestly the lessons she learns as a mamma

Chantel Brankshire
sweetest scribbler you could ever meet (and though we just met a few years ago, she’s known my husband’s family for ages)

Emily C. Gardner

Kristen Glover
exquisite words on motherhood…and raising twins!

Trina Holden 
a God-send of a friend, always encouraging and inspiring  — not to mention my cohort in every brainstorming session!

Lanier Ivester
a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration (not to mention the most amazing writer)

Jennifer Dukes Lee
what can I say — I love to read the blogs of farm women!

Sarah Markley
an expert in the writing craft — I always appreciate her words, especially when they are on writing

Natasha Metzler
she writes beautiful parables, poetry, and prose of brokenness and redemption and living for Him

Everly Pleasant
this girl has the cutest pen name ever, and I love her passion for writing and for the Lord

Tsh Oxenreider
down-to-earth lady who has a gift for writing and for managing — I want to be like her when I grow up!

Kristen Strong
lots of good words on friendship

Ann Voskamp
a blog of beauty—in words and pictures

Emily Wierenga

Rachel Zupke


Ministries I Love

I love to support small ministries. I love knowing exactly where my money is going. I love knowing the people who are behind the mission. These are those ministries.

Hope in Haiti
The story of Hope in Haiti is a special one to us—it was founded by my husband’s aunt after the death of his uncle.

Mark 5 Ministries
Helping missionaries with technology, this ministry my uncle helped found has a unique calling.

Samaritan Ministries
sharing health care costs—while fighting for health care the way it should be


P.S. I know you know this, but even though these are sites I like and often read, I can’t guarantee or endorse everything on them.