Getting Started with Google Plus in 6 Simple Steps

Getting Started with Google Plus (in just 6 simple steps) via @GretLouise

Google Plus is very streamlined and intuitive--once you get started. But just configuring your profile can be overwhelming if you don't like learning new things (especially when it comes to social media!). Don't worry, though--I'm going to break it down into six simple steps. You can complete one step per day or jump in with both feet and do it all at once. Before You Start A. Decide which Google Profile you're going to use. Having more than one personal Google Plus profile is complicated for you, and confusing for those who follow you. If you have more than one Gmail address or Google ... Read More

How Not to Gain Followers and Build Community


There are books everywhere telling you how to gain followers on this social network or that. Google the phrase "how to build community" and you'll find hundreds of methods for building your tribe. But no amount of how to's will help if you're still doing everything you shouldn't do. There is no one right way to do social media. But there are some generally understood "wrong" ways. Some of them, I learned the hard way. Others are habits I quickly fall back into. But if you want to skip the mistakes and learn from the beginning how not to do things, here are 16+ ways not to gain followers and ... Read More

reach: social media for the glory of God


reach is a little book with a big vision: spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ online. Laura and Angi share powerful stories about using social media in campus ministry and worldwide missions.  Just the story of the way they met and came to be writing a book together is a testimony to how God can use Facebook to bring people into His kingdom! The first part of the book shows the huge opportunity we have; the second half gives practical suggestions for ministering on everything from Facebook to Instagram.  Then come the appendixes with conversation starter questions for every ... Read More

Facebook: the biggest small town in the world

facebook: the biggest small town in the world by @thetinytwig

a guest post by Hayley Morgan, author of The No Brainer Blog Facebook. The modern social hive. I've been part of Facebook since it's earliest days, when it required a university email address and a willingness to allow ex-boyfriends to see your every move. Since then, as far as Facebook is concerned, everything and nothing has changed. Facebook has since turned into a marketing juggernaut, but the reality is that you must still reconcile a loss of privacy and a willingness to share. I don't let social media rule my life -- but that said, Facebook is the largest referrer of traffic ... Read More

The No Brainer Blog

The No Brainer Blog by @thetinytwig

In her inimitable “less-fuss” style, Hayley Morgan has created a “No Brainer” eBook that will do for your blog what her first eBook did for your wardrobe.  The No Brainer Blog is practical and realistic, and truly a must-read for anyone who blogs or has ever thought about blogging. Hayley’s approach to blogging is the same as it is to life: keep it simple, re-evaluate often, and if it doesn’t work, throw it out or do it differently.  That approach makes for an easy to read 43-page eBook jam-packed with information that applies to all different styles of blogs. First, Hayley explores ... Read More

don’t let blogging keep you from writing

Don't Let Blogging Keep You From Writing

Creating pinnable graphics, composing the perfect Tweets to promote our posts, and then sharing them at the optimum times on Facebook take time.  It’s easy to get so bogged down in blogging that we lose the joy in writing. If you don’t have time to find the perfect image, don’t worry—spend your time writing the words that will make a difference regardless of whether they have a Pinterest-friendly image with them. If you won’t be able to promote your post on social media, don’t stress—write a post that is so likeable and Tweetable that others will promote it for you, and it will reach ... Read More

clean up your blog sidebar

I don’t know about you, but left to itself, my blog sidebar quickly resembles my kitchen counter: it becomes a catch-all.  Every button, link, and feed I don’t know where to put ends up there.  And before you know it, the sidebar is so cluttered you can’t see anything! I like clean and simple sidebars when I visit other people’s blogs.  But I don’t always remember to put my sidebar on my cleaning list along with my counter! “Your sidebar may be working AGAINST you…” -“Leaks Cost Subscribers” on An article on Social Triggers points out an ... Read More

Blog Branding: get a Gravatar & Favicon


Gravatar: Your Face If you do any commenting on or writing of blog posts, I hope you’ve already discovered and set up your account.  But if not, it’s time to do so!  Your Gravatar is the picture that shows up when you comment on blogs.  It’s associated with your email address, so you’ll want to be sure to add any email addresses you usually use when commenting.  You can even specify a different picture for each email address (but for consistent branding, it’s often best to use the same picture everywhere).  It’s easy to set up: just go to and follow the ... Read More

does everyone need to know what’s on your mind?


When you login to Facebook, it asks, “What’s on your mind?” But does everyone need to know what’s on your mind? When you visit Twitter, it asks, “What’s happening?” But Twitter isn’t just about what’s happening to you. “We were never created to live ‘publicly,’” says Sarah Markley.  No one really needs a play-by-play Twitter account of our day.  No one but the grandparents want to see every moment of our lives captured on Instagrammed, and the grandparents likely aren’t on Instagram.  No one on Facebook needs to know every thought that passes through your mind. In this age of ... Read More

Facebook Thumbnails


No Thumbnail?  No problem. Ever go to share a link on Facebook and the URL is the only thing that shows up?  No picture or summary?  Run the link through the debugger and Facebook will update its image:  (You can do this whether it’s your link or someone else’s.) Wrong Thumbnail?  Get a WordPress plugin. Have you noticed that when someone likes one of your blog posts the wrong thumbnail shows on Facebook?  If you use WordPress, you need to be choosing a “featured image”—that is the one that will be shown by ... Read More