babywearing & letter writing

Whenever I’m out and about, the comments about my babywearing make me smile.

“They have all sorts of handy things these days!”

“They never had that kind of thing when my kids were babies!”

Once in awhile, I take the time to point out that babywearing is nothing new: other cultures have been practicing it for centuries.

But that won’t keep the next person from exclaiming about the new-fangled things they have for moms and babies.

No, babywearing is nothing new. But thankfully, this old-fashioned practice is once again becoming more commonplace.

Kim Hubball's bright and colorful babywearing designs from Northern Sun Art Prints on Etsy are sure to put a smile on any mama's face.

People are often surprised when they hear that my husband and I (children of the 80s) fell in love through an old-fashioned pen pal correspondence. The kind that happens with paper and an envelope, that you pay to send with a postage stamp.

Granted, there are more modern means of communication now. But nothing can replace the act of putting pen to paper. Or the joy of finding something in your mailbox.

Just like babywearing, letter writing is nothing new. Mail now makes its way via airplane rather than pony. But writing a letter is a practice as old as the Bible itself.

Kim Hubball's bright and colorful babywearing designs from Northern Sun Art Prints on Etsy are sure to put a smile on any mama's face.

I was delighted to discover the work of Kim Hubball on Etsy. Her bright and colorful babywearing designs from Northern Sun Art Prints are sure to put a smile on any mama’s face. Especially when they show up in a mailbox that is usually filled with nothing but bills.

Kim sent me one of her babywearing greeting cards. It was printed on a nice heavy duty card stock and came with its own square envelope, encased in a clear sleeve for protection. The card is blank inside, ready for your message. And even though Kim lives in and ships from the UK, I received the item in less than a week!

Whether it’s a bit of encouragement that the days are long but the years are short, or congratulations on a birth or birthday, it’s the perfect card for a fellow babywearing mama.

Kim also offers wall prints in her shop Northern Sun Art Prints. Head on over and favorite a few items.

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What is a favorite piece of mail you’ve received? Or a tidbit of encouragement a fellow mama has shared with you? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I love snail mail. It is something that I have loved more as I have gotten older. I love when I receive letters or cards through out the year. When my husband is gone we often write each other letters especially the days where cannot talk on the phone. I can’t wait to extend the appreciation of letters to my children.

  2. Some of my favorite mail, (besides my husband’s love letters) has been the little “just because” notes one of my SIL’s sends me. When we were first really getting to know each other better after she married my brother, it made me really feel like our relationship was important to her.

  3. My favorite mail that I received is my Tula toddler baby carrier! We love to talk about wearing to anyone who is interested. Carriers are always my first thing to buy for a new mama off their registry!

  4. I have received the most encouragement from my sister, a mother of two young boys. Although, I have received so much encouragement during this pregnancy from the multitude of friends that are all also pregnant right now. It has been incredible having so many friends who are pregnant at the same time as my first pregnancy. We’re like a tribe of mamas. Having this support is something I’ve always dreamed of while being pregnant.

  5. My all-time favorite pieces of mail would of course have to be the letters that my hubby wrote me during our courtship! But recently, the most encouraging one was a simple note on the back of a business card, accompanied by some Christian children’s books, that was sent to us by some grandparents who were especially grateful for the impact our church had had on their grandchildren! <3

  6. Favorite piece of mail: my husband and I received a very genuine thank you note (in the mail!) from someone at church who was a volunteer in a ministry opportunity we helped to organize. It was unexpected and so kind!

  7. I think one of my favorite pieces of mail was a letter from my love, while we were courting. 馃檪 Letter-writing wasn’t something he did to just anyone, so I knew I was extra-special when he wrote me notes. I also treasure letters I got from a good friend from childhood, who was in Marine bootcamp while I was in college. He later died in Iraq, so those few letters are special to me