How to Manage a Contributor Blog Well

I found myself part of a contributor blog back before anyone really knew what blogs were, let alone contributor blogs! In the years since, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress and found out how many plugins there are to help manage a contributor blog. But more than just plugins, I learned the do’s and don’t’s of maintaining a multi-author blog for the long haul. I compiled the best tips from my years of running a group blog into a series for the Allume blog:

6 Tips for Managing a Contributor Blog

Guidelines and deadlines, scheduling and delegation: the nuts and bolts of what make up a contributor blog! I also highlight some WordPress plugins that make managing a contributor blog 100% easier.

3 Ways to Maintain Momentum & Quality on a Contributor Blog

It’s one thing to lay the groundwork for a contributor blog, it’s another to maintain that momentum through the years. I talk about quality, quantity, and how to grow your contributor blog for the long haul.

4 Ways to Foster Community on Contributor Blogs

The heart of contributor blogs is the community that surrounds them. Ideas for bringing the community to you–and keeping it going behind the scenes.

These are the posts from here on my own blog introducing each post over at Allume (no tips, but some fun trivia):

More helpful tips and plugins for managing a multi-author blog: