what my clients are saying…

I’ve served over 300 clients since I began working with WordPress websites in 2011. While some of my jobs encompass the development of an entire website, many others are custom coding on established sites. Here is a selection of feedback from clients of all project types.

Lauren Lanker

“I had been putting off a website redesign for years because of how intimidating the whole process felt. Well…I wish I had reached out to Gretchen sooner because she immediately set my worries at ease and made the process smooth, seamless, and honestly so enjoyable! She never hesitated to answer my many questions and even broke down the process into smaller phases that would work with my busy schedule and family life. I am forever grateful to Gretchen for her expertise and artistry in bringing my website dreams into glorious reality. And I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who is feeling daunted by the process of updating your website. Gretchen is your gal!”

-Lauren Lanker, The Thinking Closet

“Gretchen has been absolutely indispensable in helping us with our garden blog. While we are currently taking a break from posting, we will always be grateful for her expertise and knowledge. She is excellent at solving technical problems and saved us so much time and aggravation! Gretchen always responded quickly and in a professional manner. We highly recommend her!”

Mike & Holly Minardo

Kari Trumbo

“Gretchen was AMAZING to work with. She took my ideas and my site (which I had struggled with) and turned it into something beautiful that I can be proud of. She also gave me the insight in how to make sure it stays that way. I’m so glad I worked with her!”

Kari Trumbo

Sarah Turner

“Gretchen is incredibly kind and patient and prompt. She worked to make things exactly how I wanted them and I had full confidence in her all the way through. For anyone who is making a jump to WordPress and wants a knowledgeable extremely helpful guide for every step, I would highly recommend Gretchen Louise.”

-Sarah Turner, Clover Lane

Debbie Anne Williams

“Gretchen was an answer to my prayer for a caring, supportive professional to redesign my website! I so pleased with the finished design. She patiently encouraged and guided me through each step in the process. She gets an A+ from this retired teacher; not just for her technical expertise, but also for her listening skills. I mentioned in an email to her that I was a visual learner. After that conversation she often sent me a video demonstrating the answer to my questions. I was truly humbled that she would take the time to listen so intently and respond to my needs in such a personal way. I will continue to utilize Gretchen’s expertise and to recommend her to others.”

Debbie Anne Williams

Joanna Anastasia
“I absolutely love working with Gretchen. She’s always so helpful and professional, and all my issues are solved so fast! 
“I recently made some major changes to my website with Gretchen’s help–or should I say she made some major changes and all I had to do was tell her what I like. I was so scared of doing these changes but it was so fast and my site was up and running without any disturbances–and everything looks amazing!”
Susan Cowger

“Gretchen Louise wanted to give me what I wanted. She minimized my front-end angst with her wide knowledge base, good-will, and can-do attitude. 

“An instinctive encourager, her expertise and communication skills took the complicated process and made it understandable and doable. Not only was the initial experience good, but her help and follow-through, as things came up afterwards, have been essential. She’s there when I need her.

“I got exactly the finished website product I wanted from Gretchen Louise. Highest marks. I would do another website with her in a heartbeat.”

Susan Cowger


I had so many things that were needed for my blog that I didn’t know where to turn to. Then, a friend of mine who is also blogger told me to reach out to Gretchen. She got back to me very quickly and right away we got to work making a list of the many problems I was experiencing. Not only did Gretchen fix and solve every single issue, she’s still here for me whenever I’m in jam or just need advise with something to do with my blog and anything else that’s needed. Gretchen is so patient with me since I am not computer or technical savvy. It is seriously a relief that I know I can count on Gretchen to know what is needed in any case. I would highly recommend working with Gretchen.

-Pam, Pam’s Daily Dish

Gena Bradford

“Gretchen Louise is a tech angel. She restored and redesigned my website making it safe and inviting to a national audience. She worked tirelessly and diligently under a time crunch to have my website up in time for an important television interview. She taught me the social media skills I needed to function as an author and speaker. She answers my questions almost as soon as I ask. I couldn’t be more pleased with her help. I recommend her services to all professionals who need a website they can be proud of. Her people skills are exemplary and grace should be her middle name, because she offers it continually to the technically challenged like myself.”

Gena Bradford

Sandra Snook

“Gretchen has helped me rebrand, improve my speed metrics, and most recently to change themes. She has saved me so much time and frustration — time I have back to focus on content. Best of all, Gretchen makes me feel more confident — because she has taught me in plain, simple language, how to do techy stuff myself. She’s always on time, always punctual, and always gets the job done. She is fantastic!”

-Sandra Snook, Old Woman in a Van

Shawna Wingert

“Gretchen is literally the reason I am still in business. When struggling with the tech associated with my blog, I was considering quitting entirely. Thankfully, I found Gretchen and have been working with her for years. She is responsive and has the heart of a business owner – always explaining her recommendations and helping me understand the complicated back end of my business. I am so grateful for her help and cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-Shawna Wingert, Different By Design Learning

Kara S. Anderson

“Gretchen is such a joy to work with. I never feel silly asking questions, and she always has the answer. She’s also a wonderful and patient teacher, so I learn new skills — but I also leave the big scary stuff to her and she always comes through! I feel so lucky to have found her.”

Kara S. Anderson

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