“Working with Gretchen was a wonderful experience. She turned my blog design dreams into reality! She understood exactly what I was asking for, and she knew how to make it happen. I was so impressed with her professionalism, her helpfulness, and her quick responses to my questions.

“My biggest challenge was migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I had no idea how to do it myself, and I’m sure I would have ruined something! The only hesitation I had initially was the price. But it was well worth it. I only wish I would have done it years ago!

“Through it all, Gretchen was always helpful and cheerful. She never made me feel like my questions were stupid, even though I know some of them possibly were!

“I would recommend Gretchen to anyone without hesitation. I’ve come to believe that she can do anything blog-related, and is a master at what she does!”

-Joy Kincaid, Artful Homemaking