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Whether you're looking for a mastermind group or evaluating whether the group you're in is right for you, here are six hallmarks that are always shared by a healthy meeting of masterminds.

6 Marks of a Healthy Mastermind Group

Mastermind groups take many shapes and forms. Some meet on Facebook whenever they're online, others have an hour conference call once a week, still others are a tight group who can email each other about anything any time but might not take … Continue Reading

Does the podcasts app you use have these helpful features? Find out the 8 must-haves for the perfect podcast app!

8 Must-Haves for the Perfect Podcasts App

When I heard that Kat Lee was turning her How They Blog interviews into a podcast, I knew it was time to start listening to podcasts instead of just hearing about them. But as my friends started talking about more podcasts they loved, I realized … Continue Reading

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  • A Promise in Pieces #PromiseInPieces - a review of Emily T. Wierenga's first piece of fiction

    I grew up on the stories of the Depression as told in Reminisce Magazine (back when there was a Reminisce Extra). I lived vicariously through the World War II era tales in the books like We Pulled Together and Won! collected and published by Reiman Publications. I might not be able to Read more…

  • Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Podcasts What is a podcast? And why would a mom want to listen to one? Find out why this wife, mom, blogger and small business owner loves podcasts.

    I’m not an auditory learner (I’m a writer; I’m a visual learner). And I don’t like having extra noise turned on in the background (there is usually more than enough noise in a house full of little people). I never thought I’d be someone who listens to podcasts (I don’t Read more…