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Here are our favorite audiobook resources, and simple directions for downloading and listening to them.

How to Find and Listen to Audiobooks

I love to read. But these days, I find myself with less time to bury my nose in a book. My days are filled with tasks that keep my hands and my eyes busy, leaving my ears and often my mind in need of employment. And in those moments, I turn to ... Read More

Want to increase your opt in rates? Check out Pugmatter's Optin Feature Box.

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box: a plugin review

Having trouble growing your email list? Header bars not catching your visitors’ attention? Feature Box from Plugmatter might be just the ticket to obtaining those opt ins that keep your readers coming back for more. I’m no coding guru like ... Read More

Favorite Books

The Best Books I Read This Spring: Bookmarks of a Book Connoisseur

The Best Books I Read This Spring

I spent six weeks on bed rest this spring. It should have been the perfect time to read that stack of books I'd been waiting for a chance to devour. But I couldn't concentrate on any form of literature, fiction or non! It took me ages to finish ... Read More

Leave it to Psmith

Wodehouse & Psmith

If you’ve never met any of P.G. Wodehouse’s characters, then let me start by introducing you to Psmith.  He used to be in fish, he conveniently borrows other people’s umbrellas, and his latest venture is pinching necklaces.  At the moment, he’s ... Read More