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How to Make Gmail Work for You

How to Make Gmail Work for You

Gmail is the email app and address of choice for many. Whether you use a free email address, or pay to use Google Apps with your address, Gmail provides powerful features that are unrivaled among other email … Continue Reading

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  • The Best Books I Read This Year Looking for some new titles or old classics to add to your reading list? Here are the best books I read this year. #Twitterature

    A glance through my Goodreads profile reminds me of the sheer volume of written words I’ve consumed this year. Fiction, non-fiction, paperback, hardback, ebooks, Kindle, and audiobooks–oh the many formats in which we can read stories and truths in this day and age! But not every book is one that Read more…

  • Lizzy & Jane: a review A review of Katherine Reay's new novel #LizzyAndJane

    Some books make you want to start reading them all over again the moment you’re finished. Like the perfect dinner, you still want another serving to enjoy the flavors and textures one more time–even when you’re completely full and satisfied. Lizzy & Jane is just such a book. Katherine Reay brings a delightful new flavor Read more…