Tools I Use

My Favorite Apps and Software from @GretLouiseMy favorite apps and software — the tools I use every day. (Some affiliate links included.)

Browsing & Email

Google Chrome
I’m not sure how I survived before I started using Chrome as my primary browser — it’s the only way I can manage all my multiple online identities and keep track of my extensive bookmarks.  (Check out my list of favorite Chrome Extensions here.)

My secondary browser.  Sometimes, I still need features that are only found in its Firebug CSS inspector.

A search engine that rewards you with gift cards for random, everyday normal web searches?  A must have!

After using multiple email clients, I gave Thunderbird a try again after reading this article in Christian Computing Magazine.  It works well considering the multiple accounts and signatures I use.  Find out more about Email Clients, POP & IMAP and why I switched to IMAP.

I love Gmail’s new tabs! Be sure to read my tips for Slaying the Email Dragon to find out why I love Gmail’s archive feature, too.

Social Media

I don’t Tweet without it! (Find a Buffer 101 here.)

The best thing that happened to RSS feeds. (Click here for my feed reader FAQ and reviews.)

Photo Editing & Organization

Free photo-editing software that’s free and amazing–and has more features than I’ve yet learned to use.

It thinks like I do when it comes to organizing digital photos, and has a lot of buttons for easy, on-the-go editing.

An online photo editing site with all sorts of fun effects and collage capabilities! Click here for the PicMonkey tutorials I’m pinning to Pinterest.

Files & Backups

A fast and easy to configure FTP client. Just wish it had import/export features!

My no-brainer backup solution.

CutePDF Writer
Creating PDF files from documents is free and easy: just click Print and select the CutePDF Printer!


My brain. Click here for a review of Todoist and similar apps.

My digital notebook. The way I take notes and keep track of details. Click here for more of my favorite productivity tools and apps.

Anti-Virus (for Windows)

AVG Free Anti-Virus
Sometimes, free is better.  This anti-virus program doesn’t take over your entire computer like others do!

Microsoft Security Essentials
Another great free anti-virus program, that does everything automatically.