When I write, I bare my heart.

I set down my thoughts and my feelings, my fears and my failures.  The words may appear in black and white but they are written with tears, sweat, and blood.

And then, I press publish.

With the click of a button I put my heart out there.  Many may read it, but often only a few will really understand.

And yet, it is for those few I write.

Because when the fear starts creeping in, when I write only the facts and tips, my heart doesn’t feel like it is really writing.

To really write, I must bare my heart.

And it is only when I open up my own heart that the hearts of others can be touched.

{Five-Minute Friday: “bare”}

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  1. And what a journey, is it not? Learning to write real words that can be understood. Learning to write strong and bare while still writing with gentle love. It is such a process! But so worth the effort. {hugs}

  2. Hi Gretchen
    A bit late visiting from FMF, but here nevertheless! I don’t think one can truly write without a heart that is open and bare! How can that be honest!
    Much love

  3. I’ve missed your just-writing posts and am so glad you are planning to be writing more again now! Thanks for baring your heart. It is truly an encouragement.

  4. This is a beautifully written post and your words are right on the mark. Writing, good writing that reaches the hearts of others, requires vulnerability. May God bless you in your gift of writing!