Children’s Books About Babywearing

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We were the couple buying vintage children’s books on our honeymoon. We had to laughingly explain to the clerk at the used book store that we didn’t have any children yet; we just liked children’s books.

Nine years and four children later, our collection of children’s books has grown exponentially. And even though we may choose the board books that have brightly colored pictures and flaps for the children to lift, we’re still buying the books for ourselves, too. They may be learning to read, but we still get to read to them.

Children's Books About Babywearing

We can help guide their ideas and interests by the books we read to them. We can expand their horizons and inspire their education by the books we put in their hands. But we can also choose books for the purpose of fostering precious memories, more than just those surrounding story time together. Sometimes, we read stories to show them the importance we place on the things in those stories.

And these children’s books about babywearing are on our coffee table for just such a purpose.

Carrying Baby (children's books about babywearing)

Carrying Baby: A Babywearing Adventure

words by Elle Rowley, art by Ashley Mae Hoiland

Each page of this delightful little board book starts with “Look around and see…” From the mama gorilla to the mama turtle, you can lift a flap to see how each mama carries her baby. We all laughed at the mama bulldog’s “carrier”, and we all said “awww” when we got to the last page where we lifted a heart-shaped flap to see a mama carrying her baby in a striped stretchy wrap. The illustrations are simple watercolors that are both fun and timeless.

Carrying Baby, from the makers of the Solly Baby Wrap, is the perfect big brother or big sister gift when a new baby is on the way. (And, it gives you a really good reason to order straight from Solly Baby, because that’s the only place the book is available!)

Carry Me (children's books about babywearing)

Carry Me: Babies Everywhere

by Renda D. Grossman and Star Bright Books

This bright board book highlights photographs of babies being carried in different places around the world. From a ring sling to a basket, from soft structured carriers to a cradleboard, a babe in arms and a babe in the hood of a coat, it truly fits the theme “babies everywhere”.  The last page shows a thumbnail of each picture again, indicating the country where it was taken.

A simple rhyme flows throughout Carry Me, ending with, “Carry me the way you know best!” While this little board book does depict a few carries that do not fit the “best” practices for safety and ergonomics, it’s probably not going to be a source for learning babywearing technique. It’s short, sweet, and full of colorful photos your little ones are sure to enjoy.

A Ride on Mother's Back (children's books about babywearing)

A Ride on Mother’s Back: a day of baby carrying around the world

by Emery and Durga Bernhard

The attention to detail in this hardcover book is stunning. Beginning with a sweet story about how, “Lifted and carried by someone who cares, young children ride into the day…” each pages moves from one country to another, giving a snapshot into the life and work of different families around the world. From Guatemala to the Amazon River, from the Andes Mountains to West Africa, mothers and fathers and siblings go throughout their day carrying their babies on their backs, in slings, inside parkas, and even inside a net bag hung over their heads. “And when evening comes and children are carried to bed in loving arms, their dreams will carry them through the night…”

A Ride on Mother’s Back is a book that big siblings will enjoy. The beautiful illustrations are filled with details for them to explore. And in the back of the book, three pages are dedicated to a biographical sketch of each people group mentioned in the book. There’s even a pronunciation key so you know exactly how to pronounce the name of each nationality and people.

Katy No-Pocket (children's books about babywearing)

Katy No-Pocket

story by Emmy Payne, pictures by H.A. Rey

I picked up this book because I recognized the inimitable artwork of H.A. Rey, creator of Curious George. Inside, we found a fun story about a kangaroo named Katy. Unlike her other mother kangaroo friends, Katy Kagaroo had no pocket. Her quest to find the perfect pocket in which to carry her little boy Freddy takes her on an adventure all the way to the City. And there she finds a baby carrier that gives tandem babywearing a whole new meaning!

Though not officially a book about babywearing, Katy No-Pocket is a favorite of our family’s. It reminds me of the way my son always improves whatever bag he happens to have into a carrier for all his favorite “stuffies” (stuffed animals). And, it’s a vintage children’s book (originally published in 1944).

Children's Books About Babywearing

What is a favorite children’s book of yours? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. We just read “A Fine Dessert” by Emily Jenkins and Sophie Blackall, which features two depictions of babywearing. What a pleasant discovery!

  2. Thank you for this compilation of book suggestions! Our local library has a few of them and I look forward to reading them with my children!

  3. Oh I just love the Katy No-Pocket one! Our boys love Curious George and I secretly or not-so -secretly do enjoy his antics as well 馃槈

    Children’s books are one of my biggest temptations in stores 馃檪 Good books for adults are mostly to be gotten in the States, and with the shipping dillema added I’m not too tempted most of the time. But children’s books…if you walk in a store and they are just lying there waiting for you to take them home… how can one resist?
    I do love thrift stores and the good finds you can get there for just a few cents 馃檪 It’s what I promise myself I will do when I pass all those beautiful new ones and nobly resist 馃槈

    1. Curious George may have been a favorite of mine growing up! My aunt and uncle had a toy monkey that always kept their Curious George Treasury company, which may have increased its appeal. 馃檪

      I hear you on the children’s books! So much fun. Even if our children outgrow them, I know we won’t! 馃槈