Don't Let Blogging Keep You From Writing
Encouragement for Digital Wordsmiths

don’t let blogging keep you from writing

Creating pinnable graphics, composing the perfect Tweets to promote our posts, and then sharing them at the optimum times on Facebook take time . . .

It’s easy to get so bogged down in blogging that we lose the joy in writing.

If you don’t have time to find the perfect image, don’t worry—spend your time writing the words that will make a difference regardless of whether they have a Pinterest-friendly image with them.

If you won’t be able to promote your post on social media, don’t stress—write a post that is so likable and Tweetable that others will promote it for you, and it will reach further than you could make it if you tried.

Don’t let blogging keep you from writing.

Staging photo ops for post images and reading books that need to be reviewed take family time.

It’s easy to get so focused on blogging opportunities that we forget to live the memory making opportunities.

Too often I sacrifice my family for my blogging time, rather than organizing my priorities in light of the eternal.

But if I live first, then blog, I’ll always have something to blog about.

Don’t let blogging keep you from living.

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  1. My blogger friend, Sherrey Meyer, referred me to your website. I like writing memories and meditations on my blog, but code–not so much! I am sure I can learn much from the tips you share here.

    Thanks, Gretchen!

  2. this is so true. i only have my iphone, need to check in at those in-between times..and then i tend to fuss over all that rather than write! thank you for this important reminder Gretchen!