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If you’re online, chances are the only communication method you use more than Facebook and Twitter is email.  But when you email someone about your website, do they have to Google your name to find it?  When you mention the fact that you’re following them on Twitter, is it easy for them to find your Twitter account and follow you back?  When you talk about Facebook pages and how much you love what they do on theirs, can they even find yours to see if you’re taking their advice?  That group blog you manage, that book you’re writing—is it in your email signature where anyone you’re writing can find it easily?

Serve the people you email by using a social signature so they don’t have to go searching for you in order to connect via social media.  There are many variations:

  • list only your name and website address, assuming it’s an easy-to-access portal to the rest of your online presences
  • list your name, link to your website and your primary social media presences
  • list your name and primary website address, followed by specific links to the social media presence or website address of a book you’ve recently authored, a company you work/write for, etc.

However you list your social media presences in your email signature, make sure that they are clickable links so no copy and paste is involved.  Email yourself if you need to check the links.

If you need some ideas to get you started, check out the sample signatures below.  Your email signature will change over the months and years, so this doesn’t have to be a “final draft”—just get something in there for now, and tweak it as you go.  (And don’t forget to change your email signature when pertinent information changes!)

Sample Signatures

hayley @ the tiny twig (blog) (eBook) (Influence Conference)

Alan W. Harris
Author of Tales Of Larkin series
Tales of

Trina Holden
Author of Real {Fast} Food…Plan better. Cook Faster. Eat Healthier.

Gretchen Louise
editor & webmaster,

Email: [email protected]
Follow YLCF: FacebookTwitterPinterest

Gretchen Louise

“How to Add a Signature”
directions for your email program:

More tips:

Bonus Tip:

Already have an amazing email signature?  (Have you double-checked it lately for accuracy and click-ability?)  Well then, are your social media accounts connected to your email address? If your acquaintances use the “search for friends” features in various social media networks, will you pop up? Make sure the email address you use for communication is the same one you’ve specified in your social media account settings.  That way, when your acquaintances and business associates are looking for you on social media based on their email address book, you’ll be easy to find.

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  1. I have wisestamp with my blog address and social media links in the footer that naturally attached to all of my emails. Sometimes I feel funny sending emails out to non bloggers with that info linked there but I’ve actually gotten a lot of subscribers over emails to other people that had nothing to do with blogging. I love that it updates my latest post and I don’t have to think about it.

  2. Ohh, I think I’ll really enjoy reading this series. Subscribing now! 馃檪 I really need to add an email signature. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Uh hem. You have a talent for reminding me of all the “things” on my To Do list that I am ignoring. 馃槢 Time to highlight this one and get it done this week! 馃槈