Last Friday, their black and white words came alive when I heard each voice read her own creation aloud.  With the sound of her voice, her message took on the full color of life.  There was no losing her meaning with those inflections, those choked back tears.

At Allume, I hugged women who’d been only avatars on the screen.  I heard the passion behind the websites, the tears behind the books. 

Numbers and book contracts didn’t matter when we were together—it was our voices that made us unique, our stories that gave us meaning, our words the ties that bound us together.

And then Saturday night, we joined together as one voice, praising the Word Who gave us words.  A little taste of Heaven here on earth.  A unity I prayed we could each carry home and put into the voice of our blogs.

{Five-Minute Friday: “voice”}

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  1. Of all the things I have loved about Allume/Relevant, that moment of meeting another blogger, hugging them and hearing their “voice” for real for the very first time has got to be my favorite. You articulated this so well dear♥