5 Tips for Facebook Page Posts

5 Tips for Facebook Page Posts from @GretLouise

Here are a few simple tips to help you create the best possible posts for your Facebook page. 1. Post Frequently Whenever you are on Facebook, your fans are likely online as well. Give them something fresh and new to share and like. Say it often. 2. Put it Briefly Keep it short—respect their time. One-line posts will get a lot more interaction than a paragraph. Say it succinctly. 3. Preserve Quality Your Facebook posts are a representation of your brand or business. Proofread them. Post carefully. Better to post too little than to post too much of too low a quality. Say it well. ... Read More

Facebook: the biggest small town in the world

facebook: the biggest small town in the world by @thetinytwig http://gretchenlouise.com/?p=7661

a guest post by Hayley Morgan, author of The No Brainer Blog Facebook. The modern social hive. I've been part of Facebook since it's earliest days, when it required a university email address and a willingness to allow ex-boyfriends to see your every move. Since then, as far as Facebook is concerned, everything and nothing has changed. Facebook has since turned into a marketing juggernaut, but the reality is that you must still reconcile a loss of privacy and a willingness to share. I don't let social media rule my life -- but that said, Facebook is the largest referrer of traffic ... Read More

does everyone need to know what’s on your mind?


When you login to Facebook, it asks, “What’s on your mind?” But does everyone need to know what’s on your mind? When you visit Twitter, it asks, “What’s happening?” But Twitter isn’t just about what’s happening to you. “We were never created to live ‘publicly,’” says Sarah Markley.  No one really needs a play-by-play Twitter account of our day.  No one but the grandparents want to see every moment of our lives captured on Instagrammed, and the grandparents likely aren’t on Instagram.  No one on Facebook needs to know every thought that passes through your mind. In this age of ... Read More

Facebook Thumbnails


No Thumbnail?  No problem. Ever go to share a link on Facebook and the URL is the only thing that shows up?  No picture or summary?  Run the link through the debugger and Facebook will update its image: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug.  (You can do this whether it’s your link or someone else’s.) Wrong Thumbnail?  Get a WordPress plugin. Have you noticed that when someone likes one of your blog posts the wrong thumbnail shows on Facebook?  If you use WordPress, you need to be choosing a “featured image”—that is the one that will be shown by ... Read More

7 ways to increase interaction on your Facebook page

The way Facebook’s page rank works, the more people interact with your page (by likes, comments, and shares), the more your posts will be shown to those people and to others.  Conversely, the less people interact with your page, the less your posts will be shown to them and to others. So how can you increase interaction on your Facebook page? “Calls-to-action work tremendously well on Facebook.” -“7Easy Ways to Increase Your Pages Edgerank” on The PostRocket Blog 1. Ask Questions. Brief questions that only require one-line answers generate fabulous participation.  I’m always surprised ... Read More

Feed Your Facebook Page

“At first, Facebook was like a baby. I fed it every 2-3 hours! …Here’s my truth. My Facebook page is growing rapidly and it’s like a toddler. I feed it about every 4 hours, 6 days a week.” -Courtney of Women Living Well in “My Journey to 5000 Followers” on Allume.com Feed your Facebook page?  Yes, and not just with automatic feeds, either!  Courtney’s illustration is a fun one: if your Facebook page is hungry for likes and comments, feed it.  The more you post, the more people will interact, and the more your posts will show to other people—it’s a win-win situation. ... Read More

Facebook & Personal Branding: what to post where?


When we embrace personal branding, suddenly everything we post online is personal.  And nowhere is it more confusing than Facebook.  Does the Instagram feed go on the private timeline or the public page? Do I post those random statuses just for my family and friends or for the whole world to see? I've had a Facebook page for my blog for two years.  But this summer I created a new Facebook page that’s just for me, the writer.  I’m excited about the way it’s already made for more personal interaction with “fans”: they’re commenting to me, not to a blog name, seeing my face, not a blog icon. ... Read More

Use Lists to Keep Up With Your Niche

Lists save my sanity when it comes to my desk and my to-do’s, but they also keep me from being overwhelmed when I’m on social media.  Today’s post is short and to the point (kind of like a list!), because I want to leave you time to create your own social media lists. Be intentional about who you follow. The world wide web is never-ending. You can’t follow everyone—not even everyone in your niche or everyone who follows you!  If you can’t remember who they are or why they’re in your feed, un-follow them. Lists are a must-have in social media. No matter how much time you spend online, you ... Read More

how to take control of your Facebook feed with lists


“I never get to see your posts! My feed is full of random updates from people I hardly know and don't really want to follow!” I hear it all the time.  Facebook can get overwhelming.  You respond to people’s friend requests because you feel like you can’t refuse them, even though you don’t want to see their posts.  You “friend” people for networking purposes, but you aren’t close enough to them that you want to share your everyday life with.  And then you like a really popular page, and it’s the one that always appears at the top of your “top stories” news feed instead of that of your best ... Read More

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Direct Sales Business

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Direct Sales Business

A Facebook page is an ideal way to connect with your customers on Facebook, while a Facebook group is better suited to interacting with your downline (or, on occasion, focused groups of customers).  Today we’ll delve into the details of creating a Facebook page for our direct sales business. How do I create a Facebook page for my business? If you already have a Facebook profile, it’s really quite simple. 1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php ... Read More