letting peace rule

Sometimes, the stress creeps in and overwhelms.  Like the smoke from some far away fire that’s enveloping our valley today, it fills every corner with its smell, its taste, its power. And when it does, I have to slow.  I have to stop.  I have to take my Bible out to my chair and listen to the stillness of His presence.  I read that I was called to peace.  I’m to let it rule.  And? I’m to give thanks. I start with that nap yesterday (#432).  The longest stretch of eyes-closed-snoring-restful-sleep I’ve had in a long time (or at least so it feels).  ... Read More

a hospital stay overflowing with gifts

Last Friday, our 7-week-old son had surgery to fix an incarcerated hernia.  We'd known for a few weeks that he would have to have surgery eventually.  But I had no idea when I took him to our family doctor Thursday morning that he would be undergoing surgery from a pediatric surgeon within 24 hours.  It was a weekend of much coffee, little sleep, and continual lessons in trust.  We saw God's hand in so many things, like the timing being such that my husband could drive us to the appointment and then be there for the surgery.  And we counted some rather unusual gifts, like dirty diapers and ... Read More

counting a very precious gift…

200. A son! 201. Smoothest  and easiest labor yet, despite having to be induced for a sudden return of toxemia symptoms. 202. A naturally-minded labor nurse coming on duty during my labor and giving me ideas for alternate laboring positions. 203. A former NICU nurse being on staff during our 2-day hospital stay with a little one who wasn’t eating well. 204. A husband who is an amazing steadying rock of strength and calm—during labor and all the time. 205. Family and friends being so understanding when I didn't get my "to call" list called -- due to the lateness of the hour, a ... Read More

counting gifts in the waiting rooms of life

Ann Voskamp’s book is the kind to have in your purse when you go to the doctor. One Thousand Gifts is the kind of book to keep open in your lap in the hospital waiting room. Even when you can’t absorb it all, the words of truth, of hope, of thankfulness keep jumping out at you. Even when you don’t understand what God is doing, you are reminded that He does. Even when the doctor finds the beginning signs of toxemia and you are afraid your fears of going down the road of bedrest and induction once again are being realized. …stress stands in direct opposition to what He directly, ... Read More

counting the years, the gifts of love


Because his love is better to me than a thousand gifts, because his love shows me His love in person and in flesh, and because yesterday was spent with him, today I'm counting the years of the gift of his love, along with several thousand words captured by the camera yesterday...  Next week I will return (with pen and journal in hand to aid in the recording and the remembering) to counting the 1,000 and more gifts from Him Who gave us love and gifts to count... 14 and a half years ago since that day we met in Yellowstone. 10 years ago he wrote the first letter that was just to ... Read More

There are days…

There are days, when to blog what life really feels like would be neither encouraging nor actual reality. Transparency, vulnerability, authenticity—it all has its place.  But not every day in the life of a tired, pregnant momma. I try to blog about the fun things, the little things, the things that make us smile.  Because in blogging about them, I focus on them: I focus on the gifts. Yes, there are days when the tears overflow with the laundry.  When I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know why.  When I’m exhausted and ready to crawl back into bed right after breakfast that ... Read More

1,000 Gifts

I’ve been posting “1,000 Words” each weekend for over a year now—a tradition that started with the announcement that our Ruth Ann was going to be a big sister, and continued more regularly once the Pink House blog became public.  Yesterday’s “1,000 Words” revealed the precious profile of the little person who is making our Mary Kate a big sister, too! Meanwhile, I’ve watched another farmer’s wife, Ann Voskamp, chronicling “1,000 Gifts” each Monday, and have always thought of joining.  Many of my friends did it on Facebook leading up to Thanksgiving.  Then there were GreaThings and now ... Read More