​How to Provide a Feast of Audiobooks For Your Family ​to Enjoy

We can’t stop talking about how much we love audiobooks. If you’re one of those friends to whom I’ve been gushing about Loyal Books and Radio Theatre, then I probably sent you to this page to find out more. Here you’ll find information about the benefits of audiobooks and reading aloud, along with links to our favorite sources for free and reasonably priced audiobooks. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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Top Ten Reasons We Love Audiobooks

Just in case you haven’t yet fallen in love with audiobooks, let me tell you why they form an integral part of our family’s schedule.

How to Find and Listen to Audiobooks

Curious how to locate good quality free audiobooks–and how to listen to them once you’ve found them? Here are our favorite audiobook resources, and simple directions for downloading and listening to them.

Why Read Aloud?

Find out why Andrew Pudewa says that reading aloud to your children is so important–and why you shouldn’t stop the moment they learn to read on their own.

“I had a father who read to me…”

My husband’s childhood memories center around playing on the living room floor listening to his dad read aloud. Here I share a few of his memories and how we’re carrying on the family tradition.

Favorite Audiobooks

150+ Audiobooks That Will Capture Your Family’s Imagination

Here I share some of our family’s favorite audiobook titles from Audible and Librivox.

10 Series that Spark My Children’s Imagination

There are ten series of books that have come alive to my children like none other. And of course, they’ve fallen in love with them through audiobooks.

Free Audio Adventures to Entertain & Educate for Hours

This post features countless hours of free audiobooks and dramatized audio adventures!

Audiobooks That Touch the Heart

This collection from Kindred Grace features new and classic audiobooks filled with grace and truth.

The Ultimate List of Epic Audio Adventures for the Whole Family

Ready to introduce your family to all sorts of audiobooks and dramatized adventures? This list will keep you listening for awhile!

12 Great Audiobooks for Family Road Trips

Want to keep the children entertained–and the driver awake–on an upcoming road trip? Here are twelve titles to try!

Read-Aloud Resources

Institute for Excellence in Writing: Though my husband and I both came from families who cherish books, Andrew Pudewa’s lecture “Nurturing Competent Communicators” is what informed and inspired us about the inherent value in reading aloud.

Redeemed Reader: Shining a gospel light on children’s literature.

Read-Aloud Revival: Sarah Mackenzie is dedicated to encouraging parents to build their family culture around books through the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast–a favorite podcast for my kids and myself alike. (Don’t miss episode #1 with Andrew Pudewa, Reading Aloud to Older Kids or episode #14 with Mystie Winckler, For Parents Who Don’t Like Reading Aloud.)

Story Warren: Story Warren exists to help you foster imagination in the children you love.

Audiobook Sources