100 Pound Loser


"Food does not have any real power over us. Food cannot actually control us. We give food that power. We give it freely, and grossly underestimate the strength we have to take it back." -Jessica Heights in 100 Pound Loser It was the morning after ugly tears about my weight and my wardrobe’s ability to cover it that I saw the post.  Jessica Heights was writing an eBook about that time she lost 100 pounds. Just being reminded that other women have been there brought hope to the puffy-eyed Monday morning (because we all know Sundays are the most difficult day of the week when it comes to ... Read More

Summer exercise (or "How a farmer’s wife gauges her weight")


The beautiful weather has arrived, and with it the busyness it brings to our farm.  And suddenly, this farmer's wife has remembered why she doesn't normally need an exercise program. As I carried large rocks from my old herb garden site to put around the newly planted fruit trees, I noticed the newly-fixed wheelbarrow.  I could use it to move the rocks to and fro, I thought, but no, this way I'm building even more arm muscles than I've already obtained carting around my growing girls. Each time I bent to the laundry basket to hang out laundry loads one through seven this week, I was ... Read More

M&M’s and Jesus


When we got home from Town the other night, my husband Merritt was putting away all the groceries we’d bought to stock our cupboards for the summer months.  In the process, he found a bag of Easter M&M’s we’d bought on sale last year after Easter.  And here we’d just been anticipating buying more candy on sale! M&M’s make me think of many happy things—not the least of which is the fact that we served them at our wedding reception, because they were my favorite candy and sported my husband’s first initial (or are they my favorite candy because they have his initial?)! This ... Read More

“Touch my toes”

I stumbled through the kitchen.  Bleary-eyed from a night in which I was up with one girl or another more times than I could even remember to count. My husband and daughter were getting breakfast on the table.  I surveyed their progress, stretching as I stood there. “I stwetch, too, Mommy!”  My two-year-old raised her hands above her head imitating my every move. “Do ex-cises, Mommy?  I touch my toes!” She bent towards the floor.  Just like Winnie the Pooh does his stoutness exercises. “No, sweetheart.  Mommy’s not ready to do her exercises yet.  She’s just waking up.  ... Read More