100 Pound Loser

“Food does not have any real power over us. Food cannot actually control us. We give food that power. We give it freely, and grossly underestimate the strength we have to take it back.”
-Jessica Heights in 100 Pound Loser

100 Pound Loser (review of @JessicaHeights new eBook)

It was the morning after ugly tears about my weight and my wardrobe’s ability to cover it that I saw the post.  Jessica Heights was writing an eBook about that time she lost 100 pounds.

Just being reminded that other women have been there brought hope to the puffy-eyed Monday morning (because we all know Sundays are the most difficult day of the week when it comes to a mom and her closet).  But actually reading Jessica’s eBook 100 Pound Loser took such a weight off my heart that I feel like I’ve already lost at least 5 pounds.

100 Pound Loser is cheaper than any month’s gym membership and can be read in less time than it takes to do an exercise routine.  Jessica’s style is positive, upbeat, and oh so very real.

“You have to make time. If you wait to exercise until you have time, it may never happen.”
-Jessica Heights in 100 Pound Loser

Jessica Heights is not only a busy mother of four, blogger, speaker, and wife of a small business owner; Jessica also deals with fibromyalgia on a daily basis.  When Jessica talks about exercise, she knows how hard it is.  And when Jessica talks about weight loss, she’s been there, done that.

After the birth of her first child, Jessica found herself standing in front of her closet weighing 100 pounds more than she had when she’d walked down the aisle.  And that was when she knew things had to change.

Jessica doesn’t try to give you a one-size-fits-all prescription for weight loss.  But she does tell you how she did it, and points you to the tools she used. But more importantly, 100 Pound Loser gets to the heart of the matter: it doesn’t matter how I look, but it is important, and only I can change it.

“I know God isn’t paying attention to what I see in the mirror . . . but He is paying attention to my heart.”
-Jessica Heights in 100 Pound Loser

Small steps, little goals—Jessica is practical about ways to actually make weight loss happen as a busy mom who doesn’t go to the gym. Portion control, intake and output—Jessica explains why math may be necessary and the dreaded “e” word (exercise) can’t be escaped entirely.  100 Pound Loser is written from the heart of one woman to another. It feels like a big hug and a “you can do it” high five all wrapped up in one little eBook.

Disclaimer: I received a free review copy of 100 Pound Loser.

What I learned through (not) Losing It

Losing It Contest

I did not lose any weight during the 10 week weight loss competition called “Losing It (not just our sanity)”.

But I was not planning on losing any weight.

I was hoping to become more purposeful about exercise.

That did not happen, either.

(Though, considering that I averaged exercising 1 to 2 times per week during those 10 weeks is actually very good, considering the average of all the previous weeks of our marriage!)

At least I drank lots and lots of water and many cups of tea, to counter all the mugs of coffee and handfuls of chocolate chips!

No, I did not lose any weight.  But I don’t count these weeks of Losing It a loss.  Because Losing It made me examine my attitude toward exercise, eating, and beauty.

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Summer exercise (or "How a farmer’s wife gauges her weight")

The beautiful weather has arrived, and with it the busyness it brings to our farm.  And suddenly, this farmer’s wife has remembered why she doesn’t normally need an exercise program.

As I carried large rocks from my old herb garden site to put around the newly planted fruit trees, I noticed the newly-fixed wheelbarrow.  I could use it to move the rocks to and fro, I thought, but no, this way I’m building even more arm muscles than I’ve already obtained carting around my growing girls.

Each time I bent to the laundry basket to hang out laundry loads one through seven this week, I was working on building those abs of steel.  And every box I lifted during my frenzied spring cleaning burned at least a few chocolate chips’ worth of calories, I’m sure.

As I changed into work clothes to prune some trees and weed my “ditch” flower bed, I grabbed my old work Levi’s on a whim.  Not only did they go on, but they zipped up!  An occasion which has not happened since before my last pregnancy.

And that is how a farmer’s wife knows she’s doing enough weeding and housework to make up for the hot chocolate and graham crackers she shares with her hubby when he gets in late at night: when her jeans fit.


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Springy Fridayness


Today I…

  • Drank two cups of coffee (because Merritt forgot to take any with him).
  • Did push ups until my stomach muscles hurt (which didn’t take very long, considering it was only the second time I’ve done my exercises this week).
  • Hung laundry out on the line for the first time this spring.
  • Watched my hens like a hawk and still found residue from eaten eggs.
  • Wore my favorite worn-out Levi’s and a cute shirt that was my little sister’s (no, she didn’t get rid of it because it was too big!).
  • Folded dry and very stiff aforementioned loads of laundry (I forgot to put in fabric softener for line drying!).
  • Talked to a friend while doing dishes and washing eggs (I’m so glad we have cell coverage by the kitchen sink these days!).
  • Wore my new wrist brace in hopes that it will help whatever is causing my wrist to ache and my fingers to go numb.
  • Had the windows open all day long.
  • Wore an apron while I did my chores just because it felt cute and old-fashioned (I think I’ve fallen in love with wearing aprons).
  • Went on a very short jog (which took me longer to recover from than it took to actually run).
  • Decided I like brisk walks much better than running (I’m more of a slow exercise person, I think).
  • Saw the same number on the scale as a few weeks ago.
  • Concluded that, if nothing else, Losing It has made me think about exercise every Friday!
  • Called to cancel a credit card I didn’t know we still had (and identified a bunch of other unrecognized card numbers on our credit report).
  • Did the cloth diaper thing all day long with our 7-month-old (more on that later—no, she is not potty trained like her sister was at that age).
  • Tried to be intentional about the thoughts I let fill my head (yes, those are outbound links—and yes, you should read both of them).
  • Was really glad I finally got my own copy of Feminine Appeal (it is going to permanently spend its time on my desk with my Bible).
  • Didn’t get anything done that I’d written on my to-do list last night!
  • Gave up on getting everything done before my grandparents and little brother come to visit.

Comical Exercise

IMG_0844My aunt mailed me a Baby Blues comic she’d cut out of the newspaper a few weeks ago. 

It depicts the mom trying to exercise like the person on the workout video.  Soon, she’s doing push-ups…with a little person on her back.

It’s the stuff of comics, alright.  But Baby Blues tends to be pretty realistic.  And exercise in our house is just exactly that comical.  (When I actually exercise, that is.)

My 2-year-old thinks I should be able to do pushups with her on my back.  Or else it’s just that any time I lay on the floor I’m fair game for climbing on. 

Regardless, the girls take their naps in the rooms with carpet, so the only time I can do push-ups is when they are around to climb on me.  And it’s comical, alright. 

(Incidentally, when I caught Ru exercising with Piglet and her four Pooh bears, she didn’t have any of them on her back!)

Of course, it’s nearly as comical how I can let a strained wrist serve as an excuse to keep me from doing my exercises.  (In fact, it just might be that the right exercises could help it!)

The last few weeks have seen me doing very, very few push-ups.  My exercise routine has been the stuff of another comic strip—which I wish I could find.

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