what my clients are saying…

I’ve served over 300 clients since I began working with WordPress websites in 2011. While some of my jobs encompass the development of an entire website, many others are custom coding on established sites. Here is a selection of feedback from clients of all project types.

Shannon Geurin

“If you’ve been searching for some help with the tech issues and design of your website, your search is over! Whenever I have issues with my website, Gretchen is always willing to help and advise. I appreciate that she is patient, affordable, kind, and extremely easy to work with. Thank you, Gretchen!”

Shannon Geurin, Fiercely His

Katie Westenberg

“I cannot recommend Gretchen highly enough. Re-designing my website was not only beyond my skill set, but intimidating to me. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or even where to begin in designing a professional author site, but Gretchen made the entire process a breeze. She was flexible, creative and expedient while still being patient with my schedule, questions and concerns. If site design and setup feels a little over your head or you need someone to come along side you to improve your online space, Gretchen is exactly who you want to work with.”

Katie Westenberg

Meagan Fikes

“I’m embarrassed to admit that I had been ignoring important changes that needed to happen on my website for seven months! I wasn’t sure how to handle the changes and was trying my best to find the time to learn. Finally, a friend recommended Gretchen to me and I’m so thankful she did!

“Gretchen was patient with me and allowed me to be as picky as I wanted to be (one of my many talents). She had no shortage of great recommendations for improving my site and was able to do in two or three hours what would have taken me days. I didn’t just blindly pass those tasks off to her, though. Instead, she was able to explain what was going to happen and checked in often.

“When everything was done, things weren’t just ‘magically’ changed – I knew exactly what had happened and I feel like I now have a better understanding of my website.”

-Meagan Fikes, Eat Something Delicious

Jenny McIver-Brocious

“It had been 8 years since I’d last done a redesign on my WordPress website and it desperately needed a refresh! I had issues with site speed, structure, and overall design. I also needed a good audit of my plugins, and backup and security settings.

“When I found Gretchen’s website, she sounded like exactly who I needed! I was certain it would take days for her to accomplish everything on my wish list. But amazingly, she was able to completely transform the look and function of my site in just a few hours. The entire process was incredibly efficient and her services were worth every penny. I am so pleased with the vast improvements to my site and, as a bonus, she even taught me how to do a lot of things myself in the future.

“I would absolutely recommend her to anyone without hesitation. Thanks a million, Gretchen!”

Jenny McIver-Brocious

Tracy Zabel

“I knew I needed a website but the thought of trying to take on the project myself was beyond overwhelming! Gretchen was incredible to work with. She laid out what needed to be done start to finish. She then educated me throughout the process as well as implementing my website. Her combination of knowledge, honesty, and professionalism is rare in the world today. I would recommend her to anyone in need of website design and implementation!”

Tracy Zabel

Amy Carroll

“Gretchen Louise is a life-saver! She transformed my sad, outdated site with speed, efficiency, and skill. The best part? Gretchen Louise is one of the kindest people I know, patiently translating tech-speak into easy-to-make decisions that made my updated site top-notch.”

Amy Carroll, Speaker, Author & Coach

Erin Bishop

“I strongly recommend anyone in need of a website to work with Gretchen. She is highly professional, knowledgeable, skilled, helpful, punctual, enjoyable to work with, and consistently exceeded all of my expectations while delivering top of the line results.”

-Erin Bishop, Whatever Girls

Elizabeth B. Bristol

“Gretchen is a rock star!

“Seriously, I had no idea what I was doing when I started my website and blog. And honestly, without her, I can’t imagine where I’d be. I just like to write. Thank God, Gretchen knows how to do all the other stuff because there is a lot of it.

“Since I’m not working, her rate scared me at first, but she’s so fast that it doesn’t seem like that’s what I’m paying her. And twice recently, I had weird things happen on a Saturday night. I emailed knowing her office hours do not include weekends, but both times she was right there and got the issues fixed in no time.

“She goes over and above. So, I’d recommend her to everyone, but selfishly, I don’t want her to get too busy.”

Elizabeth B. Bristol

“Gretchen Louise recently set up a new website for my artwork. Navigating the many options and technicalities was beyond my experience. Gretchen was professional, efficient, and patient with my lack knowledge. Her quick response to my many questions was most gratifying and helpful. I will continue use Gretchen’s services and highly recommend them.”

R. Kirk Moore

“Gretchen is a breath of fresh air to someone like myself! I had no idea how to build a website (and really, really did not want to learn), but Gretchen set up my blog in just a couple of weeks. She consulted me about all the details and explained thoroughly what my options were. The most difficult thing I did was make decisions. Working remotely with her was straightforward and simple. The compliments continue to come in, I highly recommend her services.”

-Cinda Shaver, Life Unimagined 

Alan W. Harris

“I know how to write exciting adventure stories but designing and managing my website was overwhelming to me. I contacted Gretchen about my needs and she was wonderful! After talking to her about my goals for my webpage, she designed and produced a great website that I absolutely love. It’s eye catching, and quickly informs the viewer what my page is about. She built it so that as you scroll down the page pictures and testimonies fade in and out, making it look classy and up to date.

“I am very pleased with the whole website as well as the continuous attention Gretchen gives to make sure the website is doing what it needs to be doing. I can easily add content or if I feel like it needs special attention, Gretchen is available to do it for me — usually that very day. I am very pleased with her work and will wholeheartedly give her the highest recommendation that I can.

“Thank you, Gretchen! You’re awesome!”

-Alan W. Harris, Stories Change Hearts

Roger W. Thompson

“I’m a writer who was completely overwhelmed with my website and digital platforms. I found myself stuck. Then, Gretchen entered my life as a fearless guide, helping me confidently navigate a constantly changing digital world. I’d be up the digital creek without her.”

Roger W. Thompson

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