what my clients are saying…

I’ve served over 300 clients since I began working with WordPress websites in 2011. While some of my jobs encompass the development of an entire website, many others are custom coding on established sites. Here is a selection of feedback from clients of all project types.

Ally Phillips

“Gretchen Louise is my absolute go to person when I have a challenge on my website. If she can fix the issue, she lets me know. If not, she gives me options. Her pricing is fair. Her turnaround is quick. And, she’s fully transparent with what she can and can’t do. I feel really super lucky to have Gretchen because when I have an issue, I trust her implicitly.”

-Ally Phillips, Ally’s Kitchen

Melissa Bowers

“Working with Gretchen has been a game changer. She is knowledgeable, reliable, communicative, and patient. It’s such a relief to have someone I absolutely trust with my site—I know I can go to her with questions or ideas and she will work tirelessly to help me execute my vision. I’m so lucky to have found her!”

Melissa Bowers

Sarah Stockett

“Before I met Gretchen, I used to do everything on my website myself. Even though I didn’t have any experience with coding, I would spend hours (and sometimes even days) researching how to do something ‘simple’ like inserting Google code. It was frustrating! I was spending my time and resources on technical tasks when I could have been helping my readers.

“Once I met Gretchen, everything changed. She’s my go-to person for anything technical. I just send her an email to help me out, and within a day or so, she has completely resolved my issue. This lets me spend my time doing what I love (and avoiding all the technical tasks that I don’t).”

Sarah Stockett

Heather Beardsley

“Gretchen has proven herself to be a dependable and adept problem-solver in our work together. She assists me in troubleshooting and resolving any unexpected website issues that arise. I have also come to trust her advice and recommendations for planned website changes, projects, and upgrades in functionality. Gretchen is always professional and efficient in resolving any website issue, upgrades, build outs, or technical glitches. As a self-taught WordPress site owner and manager since 2012, I appreciate her ability to communicate with me about my website in terms I understand. She also encourages me to handle aspects of my site that I have the capacity to if I want to which is so hard to find! I now feel confident about the technical end of my web-based service business because I know that that there’s nothing I can’t envision and create with Gretchen there to help me as my business continues to grow in to the future. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, dependable, and reliable technical advisor and IT professional to work with look no further. Working with Gretchen has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”

Heather Beardsley

Sylvia Fountaine

“I am so relieved to have finally found someone incredible to help me with my WordPress site. Gretchen has been such a life-saver! Little things on my blog were driving me crazy for years, but with Gretchen’s help, now it’s more streamlined, much faster, and just looks better overall. I couldn’t be more pleased with her professionalism and level of skill. She really goes above and beyond. I love knowing that Gretchen is there for me if I need to make changes big or small. If you are looking to update or freshen up your website or blog, or build one from scratch, I seriously can’t recommend her enough. “

-Sylvia Fountaine, Feasting at Home

Terri Weir

“I was referred to Gretchen by a fellow blogger who said Gretchen could fix the issues I was having with my website, and she was right. Gretchen has been such a blessing with her knowledge of the ‘behind the scenes’ tech stuff that I can’t even begin to figure out. Her communication with all matters is exceptional and she makes sure you are totally satisfied with her work, which I have been. I highly recommend Gretchen Louise, not only for her wonderful work ethics, but for knowledge and beautiful spirit.”

-Terri Weir, Great Grub, Delicious Treats

Carol Hookham

“Gretchen’s technical knowledge and artistic eye transformed my website from lack luster to inviting. Her mentoring brought quick changes. She is easy to work with and understands my platform and vision. I highly recommend her skills to any new blogger or if a website simply needs refreshing.”

Carol Hookham

Bev Leestma

“I would highly recommend Gretchen to any blogger or website owner looking for help with their site design. I so appreciated her promptness and attention to detail as she helped me make the changes I was envisioning into a reality. Not only is she knowledgeable about technology, she’s patient and kind and just an all-around great person to work with. I keep a short list of people to call when I need help with things above my skill set, and Gretchen is definitely being added to my list!”

-Bev Leestma, The Make Your Own Zone

Andrea Dekker

“The first time I ‘met’ Gretchen, I was completely overwhelmed with a website tweak I thought I could figure out myself. After jumping on an impromptu screen share with Gretchen, my issues were completely resolved within the hour! I was SO relieved to have that seemingly impossible project crossed off my list!

“Gretchen is now officially my go-to tech guru anytime I need help with the back-end of my blog. She’s quick, efficient, and teaches me something useful each time she works on another project. Blogging is much more enjoyable now that I have someone else to handle the tech side of things!”

Andrea Dekker

Beth Lee

“I searched for months to find someone skilled and available to help me update my blog framework and theme and implement a new design. Gretchen was so organized, responsive, patient, and knowledgeable. She exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I worked as a communications project manager for years and hired web designers, developers, graphic artists and writers. I will and would hire Gretchen again and recommend her HIGHLY to anyone who needs support with their food blog or other website. She is a fantastic resource.”

-Beth Lee, OMG! Yummy

Samantha Ferraro

“Working with Gretchen has been a dream! I was well overdue for a blog update and had an idea of what I wanted with a few ideas listed. She exceeded my expectations as well as being incredibly prompt, understanding and immensely knowledgeable in her craft. My site is now clean, much more user friendly and, as quoted from a few colleagues, my blog is now, ‘gorgeous’ and ‘wow’!”

“Gretchen will forever be my go-to person. Her professionalism and thoughtfulness have skyrocketed my business and I can’t recommend her services enough.”

-Samantha Ferraro, The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Denise Russell

“My partnership with Gretchen gives me peace of mind. When a technical glitch occurs, I can rely on Gretchen to take care of it, thus allowing me to focus on what I do best. In business, a great part of our success has to do with the quality of our partners. I found my technical one and her name is Gretchen Louise and now, the sky is my limit!”

-Denise Russell, Pieced Brain

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