what my clients are saying…

I’ve served over 300 clients since I began working with WordPress websites in 2011. While some of my jobs encompass the development of an entire website, many others are custom coding on established sites. Here is a selection of feedback from clients of all project types.

Mary St. Dennis

“My site looks SO MUCH BETTER! I wish I had contacted Gretchen months ago! She did excellent work and was very professional.

“Thank you so much for helping this non-techie person fix the mess of her blog and make it much better.”

-Mary St. Dennis, Life Is Just Ducky

Rob Fischer

“I have two websites, both of which were hacked to the extent that the host had to shut them down. In a panic, I contacted Gretchen. I thought for sure we’d have to rebuild both sites from scratch, but Gretchen came up with a better (and less expensive) solution. Within a short time, she had both sites up and running again.

“Gretchen also recommended some visual and technical changes to the sites that have made a huge difference in the look, feel, and function of the sites. She made suggestions for improvement that I didn’t even know were possible. My sites are seeing more traffic now than ever before and the sites are much easier for me to manage. Gretchen was very easy to work with, and thanks to her, my annual hosting fees are lower than ever.”

Rob Fischer, Fischer Publishing

Anastasia Papapetros

“After several years using the same theme in my blog it was time for the dreaded theme update! Now, I am just as tech savvy as Grandma Maria and was absolutely petrified at the thought. Well, all my fears were all groundless: Gretchen made it absolutely seamless! Gretchen was a delight to work with and has the patience of a saint; I must have changed my mind about the fonts a thousand times and it was never a problem. I would thoroughly recommend her as she is truly a tech wizard and will be there to support you until you are completely happy with everything.”

Anastasia Papapetros

Nicole Haschke

“If coding makes you cringe and trying to figure out how to ‘just make it work’ on your website gives you a headache, Gretchen is the one you need to reach out to. She cleaned up the hidden code on my site, made fantastic recommendations for plugins (and even which plugins I could ditch entirely), and fixed things in seconds that would have taken me weeks, if they ever got done at all. Let her figure out the technical stuff while you stick to the business of serving your customers!”

-Nicole Haschke, Knitting for Charity

Amy Hueston

“My biggest challenge when I first called on Gretchen was being overwhelmed with the tech-y stuff. Once she helped me through that, Gretchen made the most of the little bit of material I gave her and made my website look professional. Also, she bills in 15-minute increments. This is extremely helpful! Now I know that if I have something small come up, I can call on her. What a relief!

“Plus–and this is the most important–Gretchen was extraordinarily nice as well as patient throughout the process. This combination of technological knowledge in a nice human being makes for somebody you definitely want for your tech-y needs. HIGHLY recommend!”

Amy Hueston

Cheri Gregory

“Gretchen Louise ‘gets’ the Blog Smarter CEO mindset. And she is the most supportive tech person EVER. I am constantly thanking her for NOT MAKING ME FEEL STUPID. She bills in 15 minute increments, so even when small stuff needs to be tweaked, it doesn’t cost a fortune. She’s been coding SINCE SHE WAS 20, so she can do in 1 hour things that would take me 1 month. Oh–and she’s willing to make a tutorial video as she does things so that I can learn how to do them myself if I want. She’s THE BEST.”

Cheri Gregory, Sensitive & Strong, Write Beside You

Mary Post

“My biggest challenge before working with Gretchen was that there is so much information, choices, and things needed to improve my website it was hard to know what direction I needed to take. That is when I knew I needed to call an expert. Gretchen Louise was highly recommended to me from a fellow blogger who has been blogging for over ten years. Having someone that is trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable and will work with your specific needs is so valuable these days and important to me.

“Gretchen helped answer my questions and advised me what improvements I needed to make my website faster, easier to navigate, and so much nicer visually, all the while being patient and helpful with the needed direction to me.

“I would recommend Gretchen Louise to anyone who has a need on their blog that goes beyond what they are capable of figuring out. Why spend the time it takes trying to search, read, Google, ask other bloggers, and experiment on your own when you can get trusted help from Gretchen Louise? I will be contacting her again for future projects. Gretchen is the expert I needed.

“The most important thing to know about working with Gretchen Louise is that you can trust her with helping you to figure out your needs. She will pinpoint what will help in a professional, logical, and knowledgeable way.”

-Mary Post, The Recipe Patch

Lori Smith

“I trust Gretchen implicitly! So glad to have her help with the tech stuff I don’t understand.”

Lori Smith, Sweet Comfort Essentials

“I found Gretchen through another food blogger. I was at wit’s end with some technical issues and didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was also a bit shy about trusting anyone with my blog. One minute with Gretchen and I knew immediately I’d found a gem! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she also made some suggestions that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. She’s trust-worthy, efficient, smart, and very nice. She also made me feel like I was her only client and that I had her 100% focus. Gretchen is now my go-to for everything I need on my blog.”

-Laura Franco, Krazy Kitchen Mom


“When I first learned of Gretchen–who was highly recommended by MANY students in the Blog Smarter Program–I felt relief knowing that she was the ‘Go-To’ for all things techy when it comes to developing or revamping websites. (Especially for those of us who are technologically challenged!) 

“After compiling a monstrous list of ‘to do’s’ I contacted Gretchen who methodically approached the list like a Triage Doctor in a busy Emergency Room.  

“Gretchen gracefully balanced practical advice with a dogged determination meant to educate and strengthen my CEO muscles. She intuitively smoothed out my tech issues freeing me to focus my energies on writing and connecting with my target market. What would have taken me literally months of frustration, Gretchen tackled in a matter of hours!  

“If you are desiring to accelerate your success, improve the quality of your life, and receive the freedom to concentrate on your business, I recommend hiring Gretchen.  Trust me, you’ll be kicking yourself for not hiring her sooner!  

“I am indebted to Gretchen for her patience and fortitude with my ignorance regarding all things techy and will continue to use her services as long as I have my online business! I HIGHLY recommend Gretchen to anyone who needs a big job done right.”

Gretty The Unlikely RVer

Dannielle Kent

“With a desire to start blogging, and ZERO experience working on a website, I was referred to Gretchen by another blogger, who is a client of hers.  What a lifesaver she has become!  I needed some serious help with setting up Pages, the Menu, the Footer, Posts – basically EVERYTHING.  She has provided me valuable lessons, that we’ve videotaped, so I can have saved instructions that I can refer to whenever I need to.  And when I just want her to finish or fix something on my blog because I’m so frustrated I can’t stand it, she’s there to take the reins and make that problem go away. 

“Gretchen is highly professional and personable.  And accessible!  It’s very easy to set up appointments with her and to pay her afterword.  You can learn so much and make so much progress with your own blogging endeavors by utilizing Gretchen!”

-Dannielle Kent, The Freedom Fix

Lee Traister

“Gretchen Louise is the heart of my support team! I am a blogger, I love to write and take photos and connect with my audience. I do not like or know the technical part behind a blog. Thanks to Gretchen, I don’t need to spend my time learning this stuff, I can concentrate on what I love to do and do best. She is super easy to communicate with and she has all the knowledge to keep your blog technically healthy and looking great. She saves me time and money and I sleep much better at night knowing she is on my side. I also love that she is there for me even for the tiniest question. I don’t always have to have a huge job for her: she supports me along the way even with the smallest fixes.

“If you need a technical person or a design person on your team, I can’t recommend Gretchen enough!”

-Lee Traister, Lady Lee’s Home

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