Love, Mary Elisabeth (a review by Ruth Anne, age 9)

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Dear Reader,

Since my mother first got Love, Mary Elisabeth on my Kindle, I have been a TOTAL fan!

Love, Mary Elisabeth by Christy Martenson #LoveMaryElisabeth

Love, Mary Elisabeth is a heart-warming story of a young girl who, after her mother is diagnosed with Tuberculosis, is whisked off to her uncle’s farm where she is safe.

Imagine, a simple farm about one mile from Barstow, Washington. A dusty dirt path leads to a red barn. An eleven-year- old girl is walking from the barn with a dog and a basket of eggs. A fourteen-year-old boy helps his father pitch hay to the cows. On the porch, mother is sweeping and shoo-shooing a duck back to the pond.

Love, Mary Elisabeth by Christy Martenson #LoveMaryElisabeth

Starring crazy characters such as Denny Jacobs, Nick, That Star Cow, Prince, Bill, Mrs. Peep, Sarah Simpson, Queenie, Mary Elisabeth, Nate, and cranky Grammy Carter. From jumping off a bridge into the Kettle River to tobogganing under a cow, there is always something going on in Barstow, Washington. Tracking Bigfoot (REALLY!) in the mountains, fall festivals at school, exploding bean cans, and who would have flannel cakes? With a garden of flowers, horses galore, and mean cats, you will love this book!


Ruth Anne

P.S. Click here if you want to read my mother’s review of Love, Mary Elisabeth. All she did for my review was help me with punctuation and spelling and teach me how to save a file on the computer. And take the pictures.

Ruth Anne (she spells it with an e) is almost ten years old. She likes to read lots of books and listen to audiobooks when she’s not reading. Ruth lives on a farm in the country with her parents and her three younger siblings. She likes cats and horses. Her favorite subjects in homeschooling are history and free reading time. She thinks this bio written by her mother is much too short.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work on this blog post, Ruth, and posing so patiently for photos!

    I’m proud of your way with words and looking forward to having you write more for me in the future.

    Until then, happy reading. 😉

  2. Ruth Anne, congratulations on your first blog post and review! This sounds like an excellent book for my great-granddaughter who has a birthday coming soon. Thanks for giving such a good description.

  3. Ruth Anne, you created a wonderful description of the fun loving girl in this book. Sounds like a must-read to me!

  4. Excellent review, Ruth Anne! One of my favorite things to do is write book reviews, and I really enjoyed reading yours. I can’t wait to finish Love, Mary Elisabeth and write my own of this book.