One Wintry Night

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Everyone piles on the couch, the kiddoes still in their pajamas.  It’s one wintry morning, and everyone is slow in waking up.

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The bright pictures captivate their imagination.

The boy was caught in the storm.

"A snowy night, a warm cabin, a boy who hears the Christmas story told for the first time..." (a giveaway!)

But the story draws them in.

He stumbled toward the house his grandpa had built.  “If the boy could make it down there, they’d let him in.”

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For once, their attention spans match the length of the book, always asking Daddy to “read more, read more”!

“When evening comes, if you like, I’ll tell you the Christmas story,” said the woman whose home had provided the boy refuge in the night.

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And in less than a dozen short chapters, interspersed with Scripture and commentary from the boy, the Christmas story is told, from the Garden to Golgotha.

“The baby born that night in Bethlehem had become Lord of all.”

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One Wintry Night is told in Ruth Bell Graham’s inimitable style.  The illustrations by Richard Jesse Watson are as stunning as the story is compelling.  Originally released in 1994, One Wintry Night has been republished by Tommy Nelson in a smaller, more affordable version, with a new foreword from Billy Graham.

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  1. I don’t have a favorite retelling of the Christmas story, I guess I should find one now that I have children, huh? 馃檪

  2. right now we are reading an advent-type of book originally written in German. of course i cannot recall the name, but it’s our first read-through and it’s good so far.


  3. Can I just say, totally off topic, that I LOVE Daniel’s concentration scowl. Seth has the same ‘angry’ eyebrows and I am guilty of taking way too many pictures of them. LOL hugs to my little relevant roomie, and his mommy.

  4. Hi Gretchen Louise,

    Thank you ever so much for this post about One Wintry Night. I had the privilege of working with Ruth Bell Graham on this book–I was the illustrator. It started out as and ended as a labor of love, and an adventure. Ruth was one of a kind. She was brilliant, a visionary, generous, caring and a hoot.

    I hope your readers enjoy this book that was created with love and prayer (and tears).

  5. I love the pictures how they actually pop out and catch the childrens attention as I read them the Christmas story.

  6. My favorite re-telling is quoting Luke 2 from memory…brings back lots of memories from past years and grandparents who have been gone for years now..

  7. I have been looking around for a wonderful book that I can read to my little one each year around Christmas time. The illustrations in this book look amazing!

  8. So far, this has been the best retelling of the Christmas story for children that I’ve found….well, who am I kidding, I loved it too!! I was just telling my husband the other day that when we can afford it I would love to have this book. 馃檪

  9. Looks lovely!!! I actually don’t have a favorite retelling. I’m sure we read books when we were younger but I don’t remember anymore. Looking forward to growing my Christmas book connection as I find stuff to read to our 2 year old.