Positively, Penelope: a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious romance!

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Once upon a time, there were three cousins. Their names were Izzy, Penelope, and Luke. Each one had different interests and different opinions on almost everything, but each one also awaited a happy ending to their not-so-happy romantic lives.  

Izzy found her bookishly-ever-after in Authentically, Izzy and now it’s her cousin Penelope’s turn to shine in Pepper Basham’s new release, Positively, Penelope

And Penelope Edgewood—from the cloche hat on her auburn curls to the red Audrey Hepburn skirt to that pair of “classy and square-toed shoes” on her feet—is more than ready to step into the role. 

Penelope travels to Skymar in hopes of helping to save the Darling House, a theater in need of a little love and a lot of magic. With the theater comes the Gray family—Matt, dubbed “Grumpy Gray;” Alec, a swoon-worthy guy who looks like Chris Pine; and Gwyneth, who loves her Darling and readily accepts Penelope’s enthusiastic assistance.  

Being in Skymar means that Penelope is away from her siblings, away from her new niece and nephew, away from her hometown. But then, Skymar has Alec and Matt. And Matt’s adorable daughter, Iris. 

As for Matthias Gray, he’s never wanted to love another woman again after his wife left him and he’s never wanted to dance with another woman either. But this Penelope Edgewood is like no woman Matt has ever seen. She’s got a big heart and even bigger dreams, and even though she still believes in magic (and Hallmark heroes!), she has the creativity to make reality happen.  

Perhaps “Dance With Me” would be the appropriate song, Mr. Gray? 😉 

A perfect book for lovers of all things theatrical and musical (there are songs from a variety of movies including West Side Story, Funny Face, and The Sound of Music), Positively, Penelope will have you laughing, singing, and maybe even crying as you read this delightful novel from the prolific Pepper Basham. 

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