4 Science Fiction Adventure Series About Creation That Christian Kids Will Love

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Science fiction was never a favorite genre of mine until I discovered The Truth Chronicles. My cousin was reading a book while we were on a day trip with our families. My curiosity piqued by the intriguing cover, I asked what this book was about.

My cousin told me all about four kids and their quest for the truth about creation. Her tale included dinosaurs, cars turned time machines, and daring rescues.

I borrowed the first book and soon had devoured all six of The Truth Chronicles which were then published. I learned things I didn’t know about my faith, discovered how extremely uncomfortable it is to have an Allosaurus breathing down my neck, and swooned over Melissa Mathis’ gorgeous illustrations. I was caught by science fiction, hook, line, and sinker.

And then I discovered more books about creation versus evolution…

The Truth Chronicles by Tim Chaffey and Joe Westbrook

What words can describe a barren landscape, around the time of Noah’s flood? A time machine whirls you back through misty ages and into a world of dinosaurs, crazy weird animals, and a trial hard enough to challenge the most steadfast of beliefs.

  1. The Time Machine: Jax and Isaiah (also called Izzy.) feverishly work on their clandestine science fair project, and when they discover that it really works, their surprise and delight is boundless. Meanwhile, JT and Micky piece together a technology dreamed of by scientists for years.
  2. The Contest: Micky and JT, champions of the science fair, now face criticism, because their project was destroyed by some teens’ ray gun. Jax and Izzy plot ways to clear Jax’s dad’s name, and Jax makes an important decision that will change his life. Ends on a cliff-hanger!
  3. The Rescue: Summer vacation breaks the teens’ busy school schedule, allowing time for other exploits. Micky and JT connect their hover technology to a full-sized board, instead of the mini model. At home, a surprise awaits Jax, and JT rejoices that her prayers were answered.
  4. The Thief: At camp, JT is challenged about her faith. Jax enjoys time with his dad, and they build another, revised time machine. Micky struggles with her questions about the Bible. And then Jax, Izzy, and JT discover that the time machine…has been stolen!
  5. The Chase: The three teens set off to find the time machine, putting them in a ton or so of danger. Their search takes them high into the mountains from centuries past, and they discover something that could change Biblical history as they know it.
  6. The Ark: By the title of the book, you may have guessed what the teens found. JT and Jax are so excited to realize that they have found something that proves Biblical accounts. And Izzy’s defenses are weakening against Christianity. The epilogue made me tear up and I love books that do that.
  7. The Accident: It’s their senior year of high school, and the teens are determined to be science fair champs again! Isaiah is distracted by a cute Chinese girl, and an argument with a fellow student. At the end is a huge cliffhanger, and I was on pins and needles waiting for book eight.
  8. The Attack: After a time jump into an unknown place, the teens search for a way to return home. A fire destroys an important part for the machine, and the teens decide to try to mold their own wires and fix the vital part so they can return to the present. This one also ends in a cliffhanger!
  9. The Tower: Jax and Micky return from the mine to find JT and Izzy gone. They fix the part and set off into the wilderness to find their friends. Meanwhile, JT and Izzy learn something surprising about the place in which they are held captive.
  • The Meeting tells the story of how the four teens met in 7th grade when they entered Silicon Valley Prep School. Jax, Isaiah, Mickey, and JT learn about all things science–and that they don’t have to hide their Christian faith as students. (This Kindle-only prequel can be read before or after the whole series. It was spectacularly done by the amazing Tim Chaffey and the talented Melissa Mathis.)

The Creation Seekers Series by William D. Burt

Jonathan Matthew Oliver is an ordinary boy with extraordinary adventures and an extraordinary God. Jon and his younger sister, Jennica, have a crazy time of it.

In the first book, The Lake Lights, Jon discovers what he calls “mutant raccoons” living under his house, finds something amazing in the basement, learns that some inventions aren’t just the dreams of scientists for years past, and evades the mysterious “Dr. Stalker” in many (hilarious and harrowing) ways.

In book two, The Vikings of Loch Morar, Jon and his family travel to Scotland to test the Repulsor, a force field submarine. Much to Jon’s amazement, a French girl he knew from high school awaits him.

The Creation Seekers series is easy to read and humorous. Even though the main character is a boy, I found Jon easy to relate to and rather like my boy cousins and my younger brother: annoyingly clever and completely hilarious!

The Cooper Kids Adventures by Frank E. Peretti

Jay and Lila Cooper have joined their dad, Dr. Cooper, on numerous archaeological expeditions since their mother died, including quests to islands, Biblical sites, and abandoned temples. With each quest, they learn things about themselves that they didn’t know and find out that God has a purpose for each minute of their lives.

A few of the Cooper Kids’ destinations include: The pit mentioned in Revelation where the Devil is imprisoned; a sinking island where a man is worshipping a god who only wants blood; a Babylonian temple with a six-fingered giant waiting for his chance at murder.

  1. Door in the Dragon’s Throat
  2. Escape From the Island of Aquarius
  3. Tombs of Anak
  4. Trapped At the Bottom of the Sea
  5. Secret of Desert Stone
  6. Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey
  7. The Legend of Annie Murphy
  8. Mayday at Two Thousand Five Hundred
    (The whole series is available on Audible as well as on the amazing app Scribd. Listen to them all with a free 60-day trial!)

Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

Jonathan Park reminds me of The Cooper Kids’ Adventures and The Truth Chronicles, mashed into a delightful mix. Jonathan Park has been around since my mom was a girl. I’ve listened to the CDs for years but now we have an Unlimited subscription, so we have access to all the adventures and get the latest episodes in the app as soon as they release.

Through Jonathan Park’s adventures, I’ve gathered facts about the Truth that help me navigate the evolution theory. As I listen to each album, my faith is challenged, my brain absorbs the scientific information, and my mind builds a defense against Satan’s lies.

Jonathan, Jessie Brennan, Dr. Kendall Park, and Isaac Brennan have become my role models. I hope that your faith, too, will grow as you enjoy Jonathan Park’s adventures.

These books check all the boxes that teens like me want checked. Suspenseful? Yes. Captivating? Definitely. Creatures only known to science fantasy? Um, yeah! And teaching the truth? Positively.  

I have had a blast sharing these books with you. I hope your kids enjoy them!

God bless you and keep reading,
Ruth Anne

Photography: Hannah Acheson Photography

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