writing together, growing together

When I first started writing, I felt like Jo March up in the garret scribbling furiously--but never showing my words to anyone. When I first started blogging, no one knew about RSS feeds or email subscriptions. I was literally sending my posts out into the nameless void. After a few years virtually offline, I reentered the blogging world. And I discovered community. It was then I learned that the people who write together, grow together. (Click to Tweet) The team of writers at Kindred Grace has taught me what fellowship and grace look like together. The bloggers in my mastermind group … [Read more...]


The lunch dishes are still on the counter, unwashed. And I remember dinner when I smell it burning. I'm writing. Not because the words obey me. No, in fact, the words are more unruly than my children. I can't make them stop and I never know which way they are going to take me. I'm writing. Not because this is one area of my life over which I have complete control. No, I can't even keep my blog neat and tidy: there's always one more broken link to fix or one more post to categorize. I'm writing. Because when I write, I can make sense of my confusion. I'm writing. Because … [Read more...]

the story of a generation

Throughout the generations, civilization's story has been passed on verbally, carved in stone, and scratched in pen and ink. Sometimes it is the layers of earth that uncover the record; sometimes it is within the covers of a book that the story is found. But my generation's story is being recorded in pixels and in posts. We send text messages instead of telegrams. Our pictures are quick cell phone shots that we never print instead of carefully posed portraits that take hours to develop. We record our private thoughts in public, "live" journals instead of diaries protected by lock and key. … [Read more...]

of Five Minute Friday and rules that were made to be broken

Five-Minute Friday

Some rules were made to be broken. Especially when it comes to writing prompts and blog link-ups like Five Minute Friday. Each week I participate in a link-up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker. The idea is to write for five minutes flat about the prompt of the week. But the very idea of writing for only five minutes is enough to scare some people away. “There is no way in the whole wide world I can write in five minutes,” admitted one beautiful and talented blogger I know. But Five Minute Friday isn’t about timed writing—it’s not a contest. Five Minute Friday is about not letting perfectionism get … [Read more...]

of writers and being present

There's a lot of talk these days about being fully present in every situation. Put away the smart phone, just enjoy the moment. Or as Jim Elliot put it (long before cell phones, let alone smart phones): "Wherever you are, be all there." But I'm not sure if it is possible for writers to ever be "all there" in any situation. Whatever we're doing, we're already forming the words to describe it in past tense. Whoever we see, they become a character study for a novel. Whatever we hear, it becomes a potential form of illustration for some future project. And the older I get, the more I'm … [Read more...]

feast or famine

It seems like it’s either feast or famine for me when it comes to words. They either flow out of me like an abundant spring or everything gets so frozen over they can’t find a way to bubble to the surface. Sometimes, it seems like the busier I am, the more I need to write. Others, I get so busy that I’m too tired to think straight, let alone string words together in a sentence. And then there are the weeks where I do so much creating for others that I don’t get to create for myself, even when I feel like it. Deadlines and projects and oh no that post was supposed to go live tomorrow! I get … [Read more...]



"Motherhood has rumbled over us like a freight train, rendering us in some moments out of control and humbled, positions we're not accustomed to." -Shauna Niequist in Bittersweet It's hard not to love a book with a decadent piece of chocolate on the cover. But there's more to Shauna Niequist's books than beautiful hardback covers that appear completely edible. Shauna's books are filled with stories. They are made up of chapter after chapter about this day and that, this meal with this family and that trip with that friend. And between the lines you read the story of a pilgrim's journey. … [Read more...]

Become a Better Writer

31 Days to Become a Better Writer is a fun and easy to read collection of writing prompts and ideas from the original series featured on the Allume blog. K.J. Tanner takes writers on a journey of exploration into different ways of writing the same thing, to not only learn the craft, but discover their voice. Kristina's style is casual, but her approach is serious. Pick and choose from the assignments, or read 31 Days to Become a Better Writer start to finish (if you can keep from putting it down and picking up a pen!). This little eBook will fan the flame for aspiring writers, and revive … [Read more...]

On Becoming a Writer

On Becoming a Writer by @DeniseJHughes

English teacher and blogger Denise J. Hughes has written the eBook that every blogger and author needs to read. On Becoming a Writer tells bloggers the importance of becoming good writers, and shows authors the difference between blogging and writing for publication. Denise knows the craft and loves the art. She believes in the creative process but values the editorial process. And her writing displays the intentionality and organization she encourages. She starts by identifying with her fellow writers, recognizing the very necessity that stringing words together is to each of us. Then … [Read more...]

counterfeit rest

I eat chocolate chips when I have a cold. I know sugar is the last thing I need when I am sick, but the chocolate chips feel so creamy and smooth on my sore throat -- until they make me cough later. I am the same way with rest. I scan Facebook when I am too tired to write, drowning myself in media when I should be letting my mind and soul rest. And then I wonder why I have no words left. I turn the kids out the door to get some fresh air and forget that mommy might need some, too. I suggest we start a movie way too late when I know we should just take advantage of the quiet and get some … [Read more...]