I tend to think of opportunity in the terms of something new and different.  A new book to read, a different project to work on.  New scope for my imagination.

But I’m learning that sometimes the biggest opportunities are the ones I’m already part of. It’s just that need to dig in and get to work.

A project that needs a facelift.  A piece that needs rewritten.  Apply my imagination to shed new light on something I was tiring of.

This new year, I want to renew my passion for old, familiar opportunities. It’s time to start thinking outside the box about what’s already in the box.

{Five-Minute Friday: “opportunity”}

I love words. Share yours here in the comments?

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Connoisseurs of Conversation

  1. says

    Love your phrase to “think outside the box about what’s the box”, I thought you were going to say “inside the box” 😉 great writing 😉

  2. says

    Wow! You have given me something to ponder today. I can’t get past my business professional’s definition of Opportunity. This also kept me from my Five Minute Friday writing. But opportunity does not to be the cold, stark, ugly meaning that currently as a stay at home mom, I cannot connect with my mom role. Opportunity, I now look at differently because of your post. I can view Opportunity at home as a gift of discovery, adventure, renewal. I love that your post has changed my definition!

  3. Lynda says

    I hadn’t thought of it that way. There are lots of opportunities I have right here. I don’t need to go looking for new ones.