5 Years Ago…

Five years ago I couldn’t stop staring at the antique engagement ring on my finger and marveling at how God had provided it.

Five years ago I couldn’t stop smiling, even as the emotions of engagement and wedding planning overwhelmed me.

Five years ago I was trying on wedding dresses and discovered that the shop still had the old-fashioned one with little roses that I’d tried on for the fun of it the year before.

Five years ago I was walking to the bus stop from work and smiling as I listened to the voicemail my fiancé had left me—my fiancé!

Five years ago I was making a guest list and designing wedding invitations and looking at bridesmaid dress patterns.

Five years ago I was the happiest girl in the world and more in love than I thought possible.

And now, five years later, I can only say, “And I thought I loved you then…”

After seeing Chantel’s post about where she was one, five, and ten years ago, I was all set to join in on Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Friday about what I was doing five years ago.  Especially since five years ago was such a happy time in my life!  And if you’re like me, on Fridays, I’m doing well to find five minutes to blog—so come join in on the fun of 5 Minute Fridays at The Gypsy Mama!

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  1. Nice five minutes! I love that last line. Isn’t it great when we think love just can’t get any bigger, and yet it does? It’s a great discovery of growth!