I have spent so much of my life being afraid of what people will think of me.

I should have worn something different tonight — I am going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Her hair is so gorgeous — everyone must think mine looks awful.

My house is a mess — I can’t let anyone see it like this.

But I am realizing it is only that I am afraid they won’t give me the grace I don’t give to others.

When I stop judging people, I stop being afraid of what other people will think of me.

And when the fear creeps back in, it’s usually because the lack of grace has, too.

{Five-Minute Friday: “afraid“}

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  1. That was so refreshing for me. Really you expressed something that I have been experiencing recently as well. I have been alot easier on myself lately and I couldn’t figure out why. Well now I think I just have. I realized that by being less busy with life stuff I have more room to make mistakes, to give grace to others because I know what it is like to be busy, with out a moment to spare. I have come to believe in margins, which has allowed me to give everyone else margins. Thank you for this post it was very timely.

  2. I, too, have been in bondage to the fear of others’ opinion of me. It is a dark prison!! It’s something I’ve been actively seeking freedom from for the last four years. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes!!

  3. There is so much truth in this. On a personal note, I’ve found that one silver-lining to aging is that I am much easier on myself — when I realize everyone else is running around so preoccupied with themselves. I go easier on myself. Though some days it still is hard.