An Old Man in a Cowboy Hat

(a tribute to Great Papa, written by Mary Kate, inspired by Frodo’s Lament for Gandalf)

When evening on the ranch was grey
His footsteps on the path were heard.
Before the dawn he would awake,
And work until the evening came.

To women, men, and children,
To young and old folk, alike,
To the animals who he cared for
He was forever patient, kind, and good.

A gentle voice, a helping hand,
His body tired from demanding work.
A patient voice, a Christian man,
A weary pilgrim on the road.

His Bible worn from constant use.
He was swift to comfort, quick to laugh.
An old man in a cowboy hat,
Who leaned upon the Lord Most High.

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One Comment

  1. Hi Mary Kate,
    This was a beautiful tribute to your great grandfather, aka your great Papa. You and your sister are like your Mama: weaving beautiful words together. I’m glad you got to know your great grandfather as much as you did for as long as you did.

    In Christ,