imageI want to get beyond just the surface in my relationships.

It’s easier to discuss general ideas than my ideas.

It’s easier to talk about other people than my life.

It’s easier to say “fine” than “struggling” when asked, “How are you?”

But I want to get beyond the general to the specific.  Beyond the safe to the real.

I’ve needed safe.  I’ve been in a season where I’ve hardly had time or energy for specific

But I have friends who are pulling me beyond that. 

They are asking me the hard questions.  Keeping me accountable.  And offering to pray for me right then and there on the phone.

Real relationships are a whole lot harder and take a whole lot more time than reading a blog post or commenting on Facebook.  But they push you beyond the status quo to something more.

And I feel Him calling, asking, if I’m ready for something beyond, something new.

Five-Minute Friday: “Beyond

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  1. I’m there with you. It’s not easy to get past the superficial in conversation, especially when people don’t understand. But it’s worth it when they do. 馃檪 Thanks for the 5 minutes of goodness!