Capture the Moment

(written November 6, 2001)

I have a love for capturing memories on film, and then chronicling those pictures in scrapbooks. And it is not just a mediocre liking—this is something I am passionate about. I’ve filled many albums with my pictures and memories, and have many more to go.

Jim Elliot, martyr of the Christian faith, once said, “Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” I live life to the hilt. My Savior has given me joy—everlasting joy. My personality type is part Expressive (also known as Spirited or Sanguine)—the enjoying temperament. I enjoy life. And I love details—I just eat them up! Thus I want to remember every moment, every occasion in full-colored detail. Looking at the pictures, and reading the words I journal, I can relive the thoughts and feelings of the occasion. A moment in time—remembered in pictures…it may be a big day, or an ordinary activity, but reliving it is even better. The best part about life is reliving it through pictures.

When you enjoy every moment, and want to remember every detail, every expression, why would you not take many pictures each occasion, and decorate and journal them to your heart’s content? I never feel as if an event in my life is over until it is in my album. I can’t erase any of the memories from my minds RAM (Random Access Memory) until it is journaled in my albums for me to go back and recall at leisure.

I enjoy life. Every moment is worth capturing on film to remember. The good times—and the bad—captured on film, recorded in an album—these tell the story of a life—these tell the story of God’s love and care—these are memorial stones for my children, my children’s children, and their children. I won’t just have one memorial stone in my pile, but many, so each of my children can have some stones to show their children. God is good. Let’s remember it, in detail.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who relishes moments in life. I love taking pictures and journaling…it helps the memories last longer so I can soak all the good out of them.

  2. Amen Gretchen!
    I’m still new to scrapbooking (I scrapped my first for Cory two Christmas’ ago). . .but I can completely relate.

    I’d love to know what sites you frequent, where you like to buy, and see some pages for insipiration 馃槈 I love looking through others’ scrapbooks!

    Vanessa van der Meer (was Vanessa Sugar)