deep breath…

imageThe door closes behind my husband, off to work.  I take a deep breath.  The day is ahead of me.  Along with a table full of breakfast dishes and un-eaten food, an overflowing laundry basket, and a desk covered with unpaid bills and unwritten thank you notes.

But before I can attend to them, there’s a crying baby, a sticky 21-month-old, and a 3-year-old who needs to share.

Deep breath.  In, out.  And I remember, Don’t just try to survive: thrive!

The baby’s finally asleep, the girls are listening to a Curious George CD, and I hop in the shower.  There’s a strong temptation to stay under the hot water all day—or at least until the hot water heater empties.

Deep breath.  And again, I remember, rely on Him in anticipation, not just desperation.

I step out of the shower to be greeted by….quiet?  I pour my tea, grab my Bible, and settle on the couch as someone starts to cry.

Deep breath.  I can read my Bible and drink my tea while I nurse.  I need the Word like he needs my milk.

And so begins another day of taking deep breaths—not just surviving the stress but thriving through thanks.

Baby’s crying, five minutes are up.

Deep breath…

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  1. Thank you, Gret…this was an encouragement to me also…and like the others have said, the relying in anticipation and not desperation line was very convicting.

  2. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I chose a “word” – I asked God to give me a “word” for the year 2011.

    Your line: “Deep breath. And again, I remember, rely on Him in anticipation, not just desperation” absolutely made me catch my breath. 馃檪

    My word is anticipation – because I tend to not anticipate for fear of being disappointed.

    I love this line. It is beautiful. It speaks to my soul.

    Thank you!

  3. Wow so recognisable. LOL I know how it is when you finally get to take a shower, such a relief and so great that you want to stay as long as you can or sometimes I rush so I can get out before someone cries. (sometimes I get up early to take the shower) Luckily my oldest one is 6 years old and goes to school and is also a great help when she is home. Well today was one of those days. My 23 month old had a late nap and woke up crying and just wouldn;t stop. She didn’t want anything I offered not even just to be held. The baby was in her crib watching her mobile but started to complain and I brought her downstairs to DD1 to hold her. DD2 kept crying on my lap and I heard the baby cry from downstairs.
    In the end I walked around with baby on one arm and toddler on the other rocking them.
    Baby fell asleep and todddler stopped crying and finally accepted her bottle but is still sitting on my lap. God is good. Again the rest is returned.
    Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog. And many blessings.