The Delights of Autumn

We keep saying fall is here, but then comes another taste of Indian summer.But I think this time, the cooler weather is here to stay.Hints of autumn are everywhere we look.The leaves scatter themselves all over the ground, running from the wind.Wood smoke drifts from chimneys.Homemade signs advertise “Pumpkins forSale.”It is autumn, my favorite time of the year.

Last month also brought some special milestones for Merritt and me.We celebrated our number 23 birthdays and our four-month wedding anniversary.And the last day of September marked ten years since we met inYellowstoneNational Park.

We’re celebrating other milestones, as well.Merritt’s first week walking with a cane.All day long at home—and a clean house at the end of it.Our first bike ride together.Merritt’s first day walking without a cane.And a whole day without having to shoo the kittens off the window screen.

Monday we got more x-rays of Merritt’s leg.The bones have done a tiny bit of growing together, but they have a lot more space to fill in before the doctor gives him a clean bill of health.Please keep praying that the bone grows together, so that a bone graft isn’t necessary.We go back to the doctor in two months.And today, we start physical therapy, so my dear husband can get back to walking without a limp.

Life is full, but delightfully so.Candlelight dinners.A Sunday outing with family, enjoying the antics of our niece.Sitting with my head on my husband’s shoulder as we watch the moon rise.

How could it be any better?

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  1. Oh, I know one way Aaron’s and my marriage could get better…A baby! We celebrated 5 months at the beginning of October, and it still seems like it was yesterday.

    Gretchen, we cried with you and prayed with you the day of and following Merritt’s accident. We held each other a little tighter that night, thankful the Lord has given us the time we had been given, and are continually grateful for each and every day we have together. Great is His faithfulness!

  2. Gretchen,

    You ALWAYS lift me up and encourage me and make me feel cozy in this thing called life. And that takes a lot of doing…and just the right words.

    God bless you, dear soul. You have a gift — keep using it.

    Thank you,