I still remember the view from the diving board at the city pool where we took swimming lessons.  I’d stand there, hesitating, my teacher and the rest of the class watching and cheering me on.

I knew it would be fine, once I jumped.  But it was the fear of jumping that kept me there.

I like to be comfortable.  I don’t like change.  I’d rather not take a risk.

But sometimes, following my Shepherd requires uncomfortable change and scary risks.

Sometimes, obedience is like diving head first off the board at the deep end of the pool.

But others, faith is like closing my eyes and tipping back my head as I am gently enveloped in the depths of His grace.

{Five-Minute Friday on a Monday: “dive”}

P.S. I took a step forward into grace this week that felt like a deep dive and simple faith all at the same time.  Come read about it at Kindred Grace.

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  1. @trina : Good Lord! a 30′ jump…not me.

    Loved reading this Gretchen. Diving head-long and falling gently…I guess it all depends on how you take the leap 馃檪

  2. The only thing that got me to jump the 30 ft diving board (!) when I was 10 was ‘one-upping’ my older brother who hadn’t jumped yet. I only hesitated at the edge for 1 min. before diving, just to prove I had more guts than he. He took so long, wavering at the edge, the life guard corrected him! That is my diving memory! 馃槈
    Congrats on taking the dive, sister…