"Don’t That Make You Wanna Fall in Love…"

We’ve been married just two years, but my husband and I have begun to realize we’re already falling into that “old married couple” category. We like going to bed early. We have to have our Sunday afternoon naps. And they just don’t make love songs like they did when we were young.

A few months ago, in search of the perfect ringtone for my new cell phone, I pulled out some of the Country CD mixes we’d made back when we were falling in love. As I listened to each familiar tune, it transported me back to those years of longing and learning. I felt like I was falling in love all over again.

True, the “missing you” songs no longer applied. But they reminded me of how thankful I was to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert every day with the man I love. And the songs about how complicated it all was only made me more grateful than ever to finally be married to my best friend. And the rest of those good ol’ Country love songs made me feel more in love with my man than ever.

I did finally find a cell phone ringtone. After briefly considering “You Had Me From Hello” and “When You Say Nothing At All,” I searched for “Me and You” (the closest we’d ever come to having a song that was “our song”) and “Blessed”, but neither was available. I finally landed upon a song that spoke of a farmer’s tan and submission: “Passenger Seat.” (Okay, no one else would think of the submission part, but it’s a word picture for me. “Yeah, life’s so sweet, here in the passenger seat…”)

I’m sure they’re still writing some good Country music. I could even list a couple really good ones that came out after we were married. But nothing strikes a chord like the songs from “back when”, the songs that were the theme music for our love story.

So all you other “old married couples,” what was “your song”? What were the tunes that you danced to, kissed to, fell in love to? Maybe they were on a record or a warbly old cassette. But I doubt if there’s a love song in the world that can’t be found on CD or MP3 somewhere online. Dig out your old LP’s. Tune into an oldies station. Whatever you have to do, find a few of those tunes, and give them a listen once again. You just might find yourself falling in love all over again.

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  1. I’m not a huge Dixie Chicks fan, but I do love their song “Cowboy, Take Me Away.” It’s so simple and sweet, especially the lyrics of ‘closer to heaven above and closer to you’ because that’s what love is about– drawing closer to each other and to the Lord. Plus Grant grew up working cattle and plowing fields, so he’s my cowboy. 馃槈 I haven’t wanted to listen to this song much with him being in Iraq, but it’s still special. 馃檪

  2. I always think about the summer my husband and I were getting to know each other when I hear music from Shania Twain. We did a lot of driving together, and had one of her CD’s in his truck! For our wedding, his brother and best man sang Shania’s “From This Moment On”. Another special song to us is “Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go” from Alabama. I rarely listened to Country music before I met my country-boy husband, but now I enjoy quite a few country artists and their songs.

  3. Well I’m only 18 so not married-:) However brother who just as married played Michael W. Smith’s “Friends are Friends Forever” before he proposed. Just minutes into the new year. I put their slide show together to the same song.

  4. A few weeks before we were officially together, John played and sang “When You Say Nothing At All”, so it’s always special. Then, later, he filled an old-fashioned MP3 player with all of the Country songs he’d been “saving” since Jr. High to play and sing when he finally got his girl. 馃檪 Our “song” is actually Clint Black’s “Easy For Me To Say”, but “Me and You” also ranks up there near the top. Some of Rascal Flatts’ songs from their first two cds are old favorites, not because they’re “ours” but just because those cds were new and we listened to them over and over on the 35min drive to and from the Marine Base.

  5. Our song was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. This makes us sound like a far more classical traditional couple than we are. LOL

  6. For us, it was Croce’s Time In A Bottle. Ryan picked it. 馃檪 We tried to have it played at our wedding, but at the last minute, the guitarist had a schedule change. 馃檨 We still love the song! Another would be When You Say Nothing At All. I’d play that one on my guitar and sing it for Ryan.