We have so much more than enough.

I sort the outgrown clothes into overflowing bins.

I stack the boxes of books for upcoming school years.

We can the extra tomatoes so we’ll still have enough this winter.

We are blessed in abundance.  We have oh so much more than enough for the five of us.

Sometimes, all the “stuff” seems suffocating.  Thriftiness too easily becomes materialism and saving can seem like hoarding.

How can I ever complain about not having anything to wear when some women really only have one dress?

What am I doing collecting these books when I already have what would look like a library to many?

How can I throw away tomato scraps when it would seem a gourmet meal to so many?

The Bible says we are not to worry about what we’ll wear—but the woman of Proverbs 31 clothes her family well It seems to be a delicate balance, this paradox of trust and responsibility, contentment and generosity.

Lord, help me to find my enough in You so that I can share out of my more than enough.

{Five-Minute Friday turned Ten-Minute Tuesday: “enough”}

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  1. Such a delicate balance, which I’m striving to learn. I sense it’s a balance that I will be happy to master somewhat as I embark on the “growing family years”. Bigger family means more stuff.

    I think you captured “enough” beautifully.