every day…

imageEvery day, this mother’s heart walks around outside her body she learns a whole new definition of trust.

Every day, I think of the words of the mommy who described in aching detail the emotions of losing her son to SIDS.

Every day, I think of the 4-year-old boy who just died in a farming accident nearly identical to the one which my husband miraculously survived at the same age.

Every day, I kiss bumps and bruises which could have been so much worse.

Every day, I watch to make sure he gets to work okay.

Every day, I hear a siren and think of the ambulance that drove past me on the way to my husband without my even knowing.

Every day, I have the choice to replace fear with faith, worry with trust.

Every day with the ones I love is a gift.  Every day I appreciate it more.

[This Friday morning, our little 7-week-old Daniel is having surgery to fix a hernia.
Thank you for your prayers as we trust and find the hidden gifts…]

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  1. I was praying; and I hope all went well and the night wasn’t too rough!

    I think of Hailey and her family often too.

  2. So true. Sometimes when Elianna naps longer than usual I worry, and it’s hard to keep from running into her room every 10 minutes to check on her. When I creep in and hear her soft breaths, I am thankful for them — and suddenly also thankful for the screaming, fussiness, and night wakings. Sometimes it takes the thought of losing something to make it soooo much more precious.

  3. Oh yes! The daily struggle between holding on and giving to God is familiar in my life as well. But I do find that the more I give, the less I hold on. It truly is a humbling discipline! Praying for you and little Daniel.

  4. praying for your family, and especially little Daniel. what a comfort to count His blessings… always.

  5. Praying for little Daniel!
    I heard it’s good to fix a hernia so early as it will heal perfectly. Much better than if you wait some more years. I am sure Daniel will be fine!
    And you too, I hope! I think for mothers it’s so much harder…
    Love, Martina