The Family of God

“Do you have old people at your church?”

It was kind of a strange question to ask as I called through the churches in the phone directory, but after I had asked about their theology and church government, it was my next question.

Growing up in a little church in a little town with people who had known me and my daddy before me, I didn’t think I’d find another church that felt so much like home. But I knew that no matter where we ended up going to church, I wanted there to be plenty of dear old saints who give hugs as generously as they give advice.

We visited a little fellowship of about fifty believers, most of them over fifty, just once before Merritt’s accident. We were welcomed with open arms. And a week later, the pastor was there in the emergency room with Merritt even before I got there. These members of the family of God have been there to run the store for us, help my brother-in-law with the irrigation, and write to believers across the country in a prayer chain for Merritt.

I love my church. And for the first time in my life, “my church” doesn’t refer to the little country church I grew up in. And my church is not just my church, but our church—Merritt’s and mine. As we stood there yesterday singing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” the same song we’d been singing exactly three months before at our wedding, my heart was overflowing at all the evidences of God’s faithfulness to us. Three months of wedded bliss, a new church family of dear ones of all ages, and my husband standing there on one foot beside me.

Blest be the tie that binds… I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God… Great is His faithfulness!

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  1. I was really touched to hear about a church that acts like the Church. It’s impressive that they would be so involved in your lives and needs already. I’m excited for you to grow there!
    To God be all glory,

  2. That is SO true…

    Old people are tremendously cool. Folks tend to forget that…

    I’ll have to remember that question when I go church hunting.=)

  3. Gretchen, it’s good to see you around again. Glad Merrit is doing better.

    We are looking for a church to call our own here in the States. It’s going to be very different from the churches we started/attended in Brazil. Glad you’ve found one with “old” people. I think that’s the kind I’d like. I love “old” people.


  4. That’s so sweet :). It’s a pity “old people” are not treasured in our culture. My church is only 12 years old, so for most of the 10 years my family has been there, the older population has been close to nonexistant. We joke about “our three members over 50.” In the past few years, though, we’ve had a slight increase of older people, and even a few three-generation families attending our church, which brings a smile to my face :).

  5. Gretchen that sounds like a marvelous church, what a darlings they all are 馃檪
    Such a sweet heartwarming story, it made me cry

    I found a church that i call a home church i try to go once a week in the mornings then there is another one i go to for night services, it is for youth. It is wonderful too, both churches have good things to offer!

    Amazing things i’ve learned in both churches, but after reading your post i realized i need to branch out and research other churches too! Maybe have yet a 3rd one to call home heh 馃檪

    But as they say nothing is impossible with God, and if he wants me to go to another church i think i might know which one 馃檪

    I have one on the end of my street that i never once attended, isn’t it funny? Well this sunday i’m going to go there :))I’ll try 馃檪

    Thanks so much for this post, it came in a timely manner because you wrote it right when i needed it ! Thank you for that!

    Ok, take care and may God Bless You and keep you safe!

    Have a great day Gretchen!

    And thanks for all you do for YLCF 馃檪 We appreciate everything you do here!
    Thanks again!