fifteen years

Fifteen years ago today, I met my very best friend.

No, we didn’t talk that day—we were young and shy, just days past our thirteenth birthdays.

But we listened to our parents as we all walked those boardwalks through Yellowstone—away from the Riverside Geyser where we met, towards Old Faithful itself.

pictures of us on that day, superimposed onto a picture of the geyser by which we met

We all thrilled at the kindred bond we felt.  Little knowing it was but the beginning.

Yes, my romantic imagination wandered a bit.  I wondered.  Could he be the one?

But I was only thirteen.  I couldn’t know how God would use this boy to mold me, to pray for me, to make me feel valued and special.

I couldn’t guess how he would make me love Country music and fill my mailbox with Hallmark cards.  I had no idea what adorable kids we would have.

I didn’t know that on that day, September 30, 1996, I had met my very best friend.

celebrating our birthdays together this year...

Happy “anniversary,” my love!

Us, cropped out of family pictures from that day, and put over a picture of the geyser by which we met.
Us, celebrating our birthdays together this year.

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  1. Great pics of the two of you. I really like the one of you both with Old Faithful in the background. Whoever took that pic really did a great job.
    In Christ,

    1. Thank you, Bethany! That picture is actually three different pictures put together. Merritt and I weren’t in any picture together that day–but I cut each of us out of the family pictures from Yellowstone and put us in front of the geyser where we met. 馃槈

  2. Celebrating anniversaries like this (i.e. ones that aren’t the day you got married) are so much fun! 馃檪 Enjoy… And there must be something about meeting your love in the fall… 馃檪