First photo of our little one!

Dear Little Person,

We saw your little profile today!  It was so fun to see you swimming around at the same time I felt you kicking me.  And the hospital had gotten a new ultrasound machine since your big sister’s ultrasounds, so we could see you much more clearly than we ever did Ruth.  However, I’m still not sure how they identify every little part of you as you fly around.  The ultrasound technician (who went to high school with your Uncle Tom!) said he could narrow down our name options by fifty percent.  But we told him no, thank you.  We’re old-fashioned and like to be surprised.

Your daddy and big sister came along, but your big sister failed to appreciate the privilege.  In fact, when we had gotten the last picture and the tech had typed “Hi Mom!” on the image, all of a sudden the screen went blank.  Ruth had been quiet a moment too long without our noticing.  And she had discovered the bright green light of the computer system’s “uniterruptable power source”.  Of course, the power source is only uninterrupted if nobody touches the power button in the middle of that UPS.  Like your big sister did.  The tech had to restart all the computers (while your sister got in trouble), but thankfully all your precious profiles were still there!  We decided your big sister won’t be hanging out in the hospital room too much when you’re making your appearance.  She wasn’t very happy about Mommy being on the bed when she couldn’t be.

Of course, when we got there, I explained to her we were going to see the baby.  She promptly pulled my shirt up to show us where the baby was.  But she didn’t understand that the pictures on the computer screen were you.  I think she caught on a little more to the printed photos we showed her.  She’s excited about you, that’s for sure!  (And very much looking forward to sharing with you.)

The technician said right now you are in breech position–but we’ll hope that changes in the next four and a half months!  Otherwise I’m going to be calling your Great Aunt Theresa, and asking her to come over and pull some midwife positioning tricks before I go into the hospital in labor with you!  

Mommy’s nineteen and a half weeks along with you, so that means we’re almost halfway through.  Looking forward to meeting you, dear little person.  Meanwhile, Daddy and Mommy better get busy on those name options–it wouldn’t have helped if he had narrowed it down by fifty percent, because we don’t have any options for sure yet!

We may not know your name yet–but your Creator does.  He knows the number of hairs on your head and the color of your eyes.  He knows just when you will make your appearance into this world.  He is Lord over it all.  And He created you, our precious little child, of the dear little profile we’ve now been able to see…

I love you, my little one.

Praying for you,

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