They spin and they twirl and they stand on their tip toes (preferably in the sunlight streaming through the window so they can watch their shadow dance).  In their mind’s eye, they are as graceful as the Ballet Magnificat

“Aren’t I so lovely, Mommy?” the one asks in all confidence.  And I agree.  Smiling at my little ballerinas who look more like they’ve been watching Princess Gigi lately.

I’m 9 again and twirling around the living room, performing those spins and jumps as well as any Olympic ice skater.  The only difference, of course, is that I’m wearing a pink nightie  and “skating” on our dark green carpet rather than on ice.

When did I lose the graceful self-assurance?  When did my mind’s eye become critical rather than confident?  When did I start believing the culture’s lies about body size?  When did I start measuring beauty?

It’s no wonder He tells us to come as a child.  Full of grace for our selves and everyone else.

Five-Minute Friday: “graceful”

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  1. Oh, miss G – you’ve said soooo much in so few words, and I reckon, you unearthed many memories across the inter webs. For me, it had a lot more to do with Wonder Woman than ballerinas, but to each her own, aye?


  2. I’m visiting from FMF, and loved your post! I really liked your last line. It was a great reminder of how our Father in heaven views us…as children. I’m so thankful for His grace!