imaginary world

Dear Ruth,

You visit an imaginary world each night in your dreams. One where Aslan is both King and Friend, where Caspian is your knight in shining armor, and where there is everything you could wish. “In my Narnia there is a door into Radiator Springs,” you explain,” and a door into Betsy and Tacy’s land.”

Caspian himself is frequently the subject of your near-constant artwork. And you’re always there, in a lovely princess dress, right beside him.

Despite your declarations that you go to Narnia at night, your imaginary world seems to intermingle with your real world more often than not throughout the day as well. Upon hearing that your Uncle Cake and cousin Matthew were in Oklahoma for tornado relief work, you informed us, “I got a letter from Caspian this morning saying that he will be in Oklahoma for five weeks.”

And when your daddy read you The Pied Piper of Hamlin tonight, you went on and on about the troubles you’ve had with rats in Narnia. “But Reepicheep and Peepicheep will kill those bad rats for me if I need them to.”

I hope you find life as delightful as your imaginary world is, my girl. I hope that knight in shining armor is everything you dreamed of, serving others and loving you. I hope you always have faithful friends at your side, ready to fight off the rats of life. I hope you always speak of Aslan with as much tender reverence as you do now.

I love you, my girl with the imagination like mine. I hope life exceeds your wildest imagination.

your mommy

{Five-Minute Friday Prompt: “imagine”}

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  1. This is so beautiful!!! Oh how I remember reading those stories to my own girlie years ago… (she graduates from high school next week!) For real – don’t blink!

    (We are neighbors over at Lisa-Jo’s today!)