It’s spring!

The sun is shining, the birdsongs drift in through the open window, and I don’t have to wear a coat and gloves every time I go out the door. Spring is finally acting like it might almost be here to stay! And Merritt and I are soaking in every ray of sunshine (though he soaks more in on his burnt arm, it seems).Today is the first day we’ve opened our family business this year. It’s fun to be back in the swing of things. Greeting customers, telling about our family farm many times a day, and always getting to add the wonderful fact that I married into the family last year. Do you think people will wonder when I tell them “I just got married 10 years ago”? When Merritt and I were being introduced the other day, someone said, “They just got married, so they’re still a little giggly about everything.” I hope we’re still giggly and in love when we’ve been married many, many years. We celebrated our 10-month anniversary last Tuesday, and it only continues to get better!

I wanted to update those of you who continue to ask about Merritt’s leg. We so appreciate your continued prayers! The calcium bump on the side of his leg continues to grow, which is a continued indication that the bone is growing together inside. When we went to the doctor a few weeks ago, the x-ray showed it all healing beautifully, except for a little portion on the front of the bone. You can pray that fills in. Because when the leg is done growing, the rather painful bump will finally start shrinking again.

It has been amazing to watch from a front-row seat how God designed the body to heal itself. Though Merritt isn’t quite back up to speed yet, he is doing well considering the accident was just eight months ago. There are still days the muscles hurt, some days he hobbles a bit, and I’ll be able to outrun him for a while. But he can lift rocks, pour concrete, drive the tractor, and walk beside me, holding my hand… And for every step we take together, we are so thankful.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful update, Gretchen. I love hearing from you this way, and reading the descriptions of married life!

    A Sister in Christ,